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Les Meilleures Citations de Bouddha

The best buddha quotes

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Buddhism is among the oldest religions. His spiritual leader, Buddha, left life lessons than they are for practitioners of this religion or any other person.

The quotes of Buddha Are very famous and become a source of inspiration with regard to wisdom and education. In this article, you will find its best quotes that can inspire you in your daily life.

Buddha statue

"He who is the master of himself is greater than the one who is the master of the world"

Buddha announces in this quote that each person will have to take his life in hand and go forward without worrying about the judgments of others. If it arrives at this stage in life, it will be master of oneself while adopting typical behaviors vis -à-vis-of others.

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"There is nothing constant, if not change"

According to Buddha, everything in this life changes and will continue to change at a pace that will not cease to accelerate. Man must adapt constantly, subjected by exogenous and endogenous factors. In addition, our life itself is moving, people leave, arrive, ...

Lotus Flower Buddha

"You alone is your own master. It's about you that the effort must come "

According to this quote, chance does not exist in reality. All that happens to you is of your own will. You do not depend on anyone if it is not the grace of the divine and yourself. So, all situations must be settled by you and only you. You hold the key to your success.

"The gift of truth is a donation that surpasses all others"

It is so easy to tell the truth to have the peace of the heart. It is a pure act that will certainly make you go up as a wise person. The truth constitutes for Buddha the highest degree of humanity. Aspire to this stage of your life would be like sanctifying your soul for a serene life.

Buddha universe

"Douce everything and especially what I'm going to tell you"

Doubt is one of the most certain actions to take you to the truth. This means that the most reassuring of actions is to think yourself. All that the subject will tell you will actually be called into question by your person. It's a bit like the philosophy of Descartes.

Douce without stop and you will be able to build your knowledge. It is only as well as you will be fully independent.

"Stay angry, it's like seizing a burning coal with the intention of throwing it on someone; it's you who burn you "

Anger is a one-way weapon. And this one sense is only poised on you and can have bad consequences on you: destroying your mood, make your body suffering, get away from others.

Ignoring this feeling of anger is therefore the most effective solution for having peace of the soul. In summary, when you are angry, you do not hurt anyone if it is yourself.

Buddha philosophy

"Peace comes from within. Do not look outside »

This feeling of tranquility, which is peace, is built for yourself. It is therefore by cultivating this peace permanently that the latter will manifest itself in you. It is then this inner work and this positive force that you pour on your mind that stabilizes your inner peace. So do the good everywhere, and always, in order to achieve salvation and have a happy life.

"Attach yourself to the wise man who reserves your faults"

Reprouching a fault is rejecting an error. This error is rejected by the fact that the latter is not in conformity. The one who tells you the truth about your mistakes without judgment on you is the one to follow.

In doing so, your personality is strengthening and you benefit from a kind of life guide that constitutes that person watching. It is therefore the sage to which you need to attach.

Giant Buddha Statue

"It's a rare pearl in this world than having a heart without desire"

The man, in all his greatness, must necessarily feel desires. It is therefore obvious that someone of this world is without desire. So it's not a goal. He who is satisfied in all his person, alone can deprive him of desire.

However, this is virtually non-existent. Desire is our companion. Otherwise, motivation will make no sense for humans. Also note that perfection does not exist. The man who has no desire is a perfect man.

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"The pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional"

The destiny of man is not predefined. On that, he means that everyone is the only one responsible for his life. She has two choices: the first is to live happy the second is to suffer. All people meet sometimes very hard events. The shock is received in principle on the moment.

So, it should be a passing pain. Some people explore full time on their fate. It's a mistake, since you have the opportunity to choose to keep this pain or not.

It is in this sense that Buddha believes that only the pain is received without any choice. On the other hand, suffering arises from the maintenance of this pain. You have the choice to persevere in the suffering that only destroys your inner peace.

 Statue Buddha Foret

"Accept what is, let go what was and has confidence in what will be"

Life often has many facets. What is needed is to accept it as it is offered to you by pulling the good lessons and taking good resolutions for the future. Do not maintain what is not yours. Let it just disappear from your life and be ready to welcome what will come.

Since this will necessarily be better, if you took the time to draw from the past your mistakes in order to make it a force for the future.

"Screw as if the most important moment of your life was the moment you live now"

This Buddha quote clearly shows us the number of times it is important to live his life. Live your life does not mean wasting at the moment. It's as previously said to live the present moment in the best way. It is true that the present moment is not always rose, but it is necessary to enjoy it. We do not know if it's the last day ...

Buddhist monk group

"Do not attach you to what you have today because you can lose it very well tomorrow"

Everything is vanity, nothing is eternal, everything ends up passing. Whether wealth or poverty, it goes. So, do not do what you have today the center of your life. Leave what will leave without making you dependent on this thing.

This is the best way to not be frustrated by the hazards of life. The more you cling to a physical thing and the more you become a slave of life. This should not be the case. Do not be materialistic.

Live humanly and especially cultivate humility and probably life will smile you eternally.

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