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Our Sherwanis

Our collection of Sherwani for men is the most comprehensive and wide proposal of Indian traditional tunics on the market. We propose to find many colors and many patterns to find the rare pearl that will perfectly match your Indian clothes.

The Sherwani is a clothing resembling a coat carried mainly in South Asia. It is very similar to a western frock or a Polish and Lithuanian żupan.

How to wear a Sherwani Indian man

The Sherwani is worn on a Kurta with the combination of a salwar as the bottom of the body. It is distinguished from achkan by the fact that its length is greater than that of Achkan, that it is often made in heavier suit tissues and the presence of a lining.

The Sherwani is worn on many Muslim and Hindu occasions, weddings and religious holidays such as Eid. He is also worn with a kurta for men. This garment agrees perfectly with a indian pantsor one sari for man !