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Indian Jewelry

Discover the jewels of the East through our collection Indian jewelry. jewelry designer for millennia, the people of India is a global pioneer in the field.

Our Indian Jewelry

With many techniques and knowledge passed from generation to generation, it is certain that it is a India the world's most beautiful oriental jewelery is made!

Perfect for dressing up your face or your hands, our jewelry oriental style are ideal to complement your outfits and traditional Indian outfit basic daily!

Tiaras, piercing, necklacesand earrings you will sublimate your face in no time and why not go with a bindi or mala necklace for the traditional Hindu side?

Dress your hands with bracelet or a Indian ring is also a great idea to give some fresh air to your outfit daily!

7 Chakra Bracelet

The Bracelets 7 Chakra have the history of being bracelets that attract kindness and protection, they are traditionally worn for decades., also regulator for the emotional system. It is worn everyday on the right wrist to ward off bad energy, over time you will be separated from by the positive influence it releases.


Traditionally worn by women in India, Bindi is a staple of the Indian cultureIt is planted in the traditions on the forehead or face during a religious moment or family for special occasions, often red is associated a lucky charm who lead protection and luck in the next life. According to the Hindus, the Bindi refers to the third eye which is the symbol of theinner awakening and some thirst for personal development 

Buddhist Bracelet

With its history, Buddhist Bracelet is a unique bracelet also called RobIt is renowned in the Buddhist tradition and the Indian world to be worn by monks for centuries, it symbolizes balance and finding inner peace. This bracelet came all Hindi world of law is worn daily for a soothing and inner calm quest for a Hindi mastered style!

Bracelet Good Luck

Go for the Bracelet Good Luck every day to bring you success and kindness every day, it is carried by citizens from various and different cultures. The first stories relating the use of lucky charm bracelet or having positive virtues and protectiveAnd even influencing lucky date back thousands of years. We continue this tradition and lifestyle by offering a unique collection with original bracelets and inspired by the unique history of these bracelets!

Mala Necklaces

The mala necklace are often associated with the world of meditation used to recite mantras with stones natural wood or genuine pearls, it has a spiritual side as well as aesthetic! Use of your right thumb to recite your mantras before a meditation session or yoga, this unique necklace brings calm and serenity in every day life

Indian Bracelet

the Indian Bracelet is a straight bracelet from the Indian world, worn daily by the Hindu people it is symbol of respect and openness, it represents peace with yourself. It is worn daily and all occasions like a unique jewelry and beauty sign in the woman, in man he is more associated with serenity!

Hair feather

Dress up your hairstyle with a single and original feather with the Hair feather, a touch of elegance and distinction for great opportunities, it will adapt to your hairstyle and will find a place in your hair to sublimate you! Traditionally worn in India for decades she spread around the world and becomes a unique touch and trend to distinguish you!

Mala bracelet

the Mala bracelet is a hardware consisting of its many wooden beads or sometimes natural stone, it is used in the world of meditation and yoga in order to retrieve its mantras, it goes on a daily basis to bring you calm and serenity in life Every day is a jewel that is an integral part of the life of the Indians!

Indian ring

The Indian ring is a popular and popular jewel, union symbol The ring is often offered by the man as a protective jewel in Hindi culture, our rings are worked and unique jewelry that will sublimate you on all occasions, to wear daily without moderation ! Love is mutual respect are essential values ​​in a union that lasts over time, the very essence of Hindu culture.

Indian piercing

Find a unique collection with high invoice jewelry, inspired by Indian culture Our jewels are made according to the traditions rooted in time, in India Indian piercing are symbol of female beauty and faith in tomorrow! They wear during the great opportunities!

Indian tiara

the Indian tiara is a must of Hindi culture, wearing such a crown it are worn by women during ceremonies, marriage or day of celebration! It is a sign of social distinction and are different depending on local traditions!

Indian brooch

The Indian brooch is a popular accessory in India, it is often granted to the day holding for a unique and worked Hindi style, our spindle selection are a mix of unique beliefs and traditions to which the Indian world refers!