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Happiness bracelet

Why wear a happiness bracelet?

Symbol used in all the civilizations of the world, since the beginning of men, the Happiness bracelet is a very strong spiritual accessory.

Bracelets are happiness are according to crops, blessed in different ways. For example for Buddhists, these are Tibetan monks who come to bless them through the use of powerful mantras, during their clothing in order to impregnate them with their positive and protective energy.

They agree perfectly with Tibetan braceletsIn all kinds and can be mixed with other positive energy accessories.

Meaning of the Chinese Happiness Bracelet

Millennium tradition in China, the Chinese happiness bracelet is also blessed during its manufacture. Often made of obsidian stones, and adorned with message to positive energy, it is part of the classics of jewelry door happiness.

Meaning of Brazilian Happiness Bracelet

the Brazilian bracelet, often thinner and lighter than others, is very anchored in Brazilian spirituality. It allows according to the legends to make 3 wishes, which will constitute the three main fasteners of the bracelet that should not be removed before falling from itself.

Meaning of the Tibetan Happiness Bracelet

Knotted with an endless knot, a buddown ausgal symbol, the Tibetan happiness bracelet is a classic among the classics. Typically made of a small red ropeThere are also in many variants of colors but also subjects.

Mala bracelet Traditional made of 108 pearls or natural stone bracelet with exceptional properties, it does not lack diversity so that everyone finds his account!

The Bracelet Doors Red Wire (Fabrics)

Coming from Hinduism, the tradition of the red happiness bracelet is very old. Often made of rope, cotton thread or fabric, this emblematic jewel in the world of the lucky door is ideal for a first step in this area.

From the KabbalThis red bracelet embodies courage, bravery and protection against the misfortunes brought by the bad eye.

Make your wishes with a lucky door

The best known jewelry to fulfill your wishes is the Brazilian bracelet. It is said that once tied around his wrist, you must make 3 wishes who will firmly seal the latter. It is essential to never remove it so that the wishes come true, it must fall by it-same !