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Oriental mirror

Why Buy an Oriental Mirror?

Afford a Eastern mirroris a very original way to decorate his bathroom and every room of his home with an extra touch of originality. Decorated with designs and colors typical traditions EasternThese mirrors are unique in their genres and blend perfectly with other oriental decorations.

Many people often ask the question:

Why buy an oriental mirror?

One could answer them that it's an original way to decorate his house and offer his friends and loved ones a unique product that they find anywhere else! They will be very impressed with this unique gift. This decoration idea is original, it manages to surprise and especially those who have an eclectic taste.

Fans of oriental decorations love this type of single mirror that is like no other! In addition, they blend perfectly with the other decorative elements of the East.

There is a big advantage to offer such an object: it does not take up much space! Like everything that is small and convenient, you can easily slip into a closet or hang on the wall of your favorite room.

If the urge to decorate his house with mirrors oriental you through the mind, so wear them attention! You will not be disappointed and will remain friends admiring face this kind of unique object!

That What It Mirror Oriental Style?

The oriental style mirror that we offer here is sometimes close to mirrors bohemian style. Made rather sober colors like white, beige or cream color, they are easy to integrate in all types of interior decorations.

Those ethnic mirrors are sometimes made of wood, metal or macrame. It is this diversity in our proposal that allows us to stay No. 1 in the Eastern decoration in France !

Although they are sometimes smaller, these mirrors often meet European standard sizes (80x60cm).

France is a leading country in terms of oriental decoration. This trend style is fashionable and we can count on many followers. They are mainly from Asia but also from Morocco, giving an ethnic objects that compose.

The furniture that goes best with the style of the East are often the shelves, coffee tables, door mirror or a oriental table.

This style is particularly popular in the field of wellness and Eastern decoration. There are therefore many products for the development of in terms bathrooms with shower, bath and sink another ...

A Moroccan Mirror of History

The grounds of our mirrors are inspired by Morocco and how the Moroccan craftsmen work.

The manufacturing process involves several steps that require a lot of care and attention. We pray that these things bring you joy, happiness and prosperity.

The story mirrors in Morocco dates back to Islam and became know in the country and began to propagate it. During the invasion of the Almoravids, the Muslim Berbers from Spain, the first mirror testimonies found in Morocco. The Almoravids introduced marking the mirror so that it can not be remade or copied.

This process was mainly used in order to prevent the sale and production of fake mirrors that were widespread at that time among the poor in particular.

Then with the arrival of the almohades, the mirrors made in marked with a "s" or a "z", left the place at the inscription in the mirror of letters and geometric signs or particularly living life scenes and Animated. These registrations were intended to influence favorably djinns which could be harmful to men.

Since that time until today, the mirror in Morocco has experienced developments and transformations. Rusty mirrors over time have waited patiently for their time to come back in the contemporary Moroccan decoration.

We have selected for you these mirrors that are both authentic and elegant.

The Moroccan uses mirrors as boundaries between the visible and the invisible. The doors, balconies, windows and just as many places serve as a framework for these mirrors. They love to create deep atmospheres by combining them with oriental mats !

Because the Moroccan attaches great importance to the signs and symbols especially those we find on traditional objects like the buttons of the djellabas or our famous Tarbouches.

Mirrors are often staged in compositions that highlight them. Sometimes, they alone are enough to evoke a whole imaginary.

Thus, the Moroccan mirror has an important place since antiquity and until now in our culture, this symbolism being very present in Morocco. We chose for you mirrors to geometric shapes or not, solid and resistant, cramped technically, and elegant in their form.

We hope they will find their place in your indoor or outdoor decoration because the mirrors is a bit like one end of ourselves!

The advantages of an oriental wall mirror

The advantage of an oriental wall mirror is that it is not as cumbersome as a table or floor mirror. They can be hooked to a wall and easily accessible to the person watching his reflection in the mirror. This type of mirror is ideal for checking an outfit, quickly hatching or brushing your teeth before going out, because it will always be there to wait for you.

Some people prefer to use round mirrors for this type of service because they reflect more light, which helps to clarify the room. However, some people have the impression that they can not look in the eyes with an oriental wall mirror, because it's too hard for the eyes to fix on the face of the other and not playing him towers and return a double reflection.

Many people love the idea of ​​a mirror hanging on their wall, because it can be used as a catchy decoration for any room of the house. That's why many people also like to hang oriental wall mirrors in front of a window or other source of light to help people look at itself in the ice and admire.

An Eastern Wall Mirror is a great way to add a touch of exoticism to any room, while having a practical goal for daily activities.

Mirrors of oval shapes with metal structure

Oval shaped mirrors with metal structures are mainly used to improve the appearance of the room. However, these mirrors are not commonly used because of their large size and cost. It is quite difficult for the owners to find the space needed to accommodate either the mirror or the furniture that will house it. They can also be difficult to hang on the wall or nail on an amount. If they are placed on a table, it can be difficult for them to stand without falling. It is why the majority of the owners do not use this type of mirror in their home.

Metal structure mirrors

When considering placing a mirror with a metal structure in its house, it is important to remember that they can be quite expensive because of their size and weight. To hang them correctly, it will probably take advantage of a professional.

Oriental decorative mirrors are unique because they highlight the space they occupy. You can place them on traditional or modern style furniture, shelves, tables and even walls. Although some owners use oriental mirrors as decorative elements, they can be placed on traditional or modern style furniture, libraries, tables and even walls.

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