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Buddhist bracelet

What is the Buddhist bracelet?

Nowadays, the Buddhist bracelet is a jewel that is part of the family of Indian bracelets And who wears many names. It has become very trendy for several years, it is the biggest part of the time for its very appreciated aesthetic side, only a few followers of Buddhism still use it for its religious and spiritual functions. It is therefore sometimes called:

The lith therapy, Practice to use the energy of the minerals to draw profits, loves to use this bracelet of fine stones for its therapies.

What does the bracelet of a Buddhist monk mean?

The story tells us today that this bracelet has been born for 3000 years in Indian lands Buddhists and Hindu of our world. Very used for religious functions, during prayer or meditation, this bracelet is an indispensable domain.

Traditionally composed of 108 pearls of fine stones, the Buddhist bracelet is now available in many different forms, like the tissue, the cotton, the sandalwood or even metal.

The meaning of wooden Buddhist bracelets

the Wooden Buddhist Bracelet draws its origins from the rosary. Object used for prayers, wooden jewelry used by Buddhists has become an iconic and indispensable object of their practices.

There are several different woods used for the manufacture of wooden Buddhist bracelets, here are some of the most used examples:

  • Ebony wood
  • rosewood
  • Sandalwood

The meaning of the colors of Buddhist bracelets

The colors are of particular importance in the meaning of a Buddhist bracelet. There are 5 main colors, corresponding to the 5 Buddhas (state of mind):

The white Buddhist bracelet

It is the Buddha of knowledge and learning, belonging to the Vairocana Buddha (the illuminator). It is used by the masters of patience and research.

Incarnation of water and eye color, the white bracelet helps its bearer to free ignorance and find wisdom. Used in meditation, it allows to browse its path to enlightenment!

Blue Buddhist Bracelet

It's akshobhya the unshakable that embodies the blue color. Buddha of physical and spiritual healing, it is connected to the element of air and ears in the human body.

a Blue bracelet will therefore help its wearer to master strong and negative emotions such as sadness or anger. Use in meditation, it can make your real strength weaknesses.

The red Buddhist bracelet

Amithabha, infinite light, is the Buddha of the red color. Energy of life and survival, this color is that of fire and tongue. The carrier of a red bracelet will not hesitate to action when the need is and it will have more ease to leave material things unimportant behind him.

The green Buddhist bracelet

Amoghasiddhi says the infallible success is the Buddha of the green color. Symbolizing the balance of the body, the mind but also of nature, it brings a deep harmony to its carrier.

Associated with nature and chakra of the head, the one who carries a Green Buddhist Bracelet will have more ease of achieving its objectives and face its fears.

The yellow Buddhist bracelet

It isRatnasambhava, the source of the jewel that is the guardian of the yellow color. Embodying the rooting, stability and renunciation of the futile things of life, the wearer of a yellow bracelet will see his wisdom cling by enjoying the real value of things that surrounds him.