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Indian bag

Our Indian bags

Our Indian bags are very sought after fashion pieces and very trends. Manufactured in noble materials, they are decorated with multiple colors and multiple Hindu patterns and typical oriental traditions. They will associate perfectly with your Indian outfits !

Perfect for transporting your favorite objects, we offer several types of bags, including models with shoulder strap and models in more classic form of handbag.


Flagship accessory of fashion, the bag is an object similar to a bag, but which usually has a wide shoulder strap And who is on the shoulder. The Indian Waits That we have chosen to offer you on Indian kingdom have all equipped with a unique, colorful and comprehensive style.

Very practical in everyday life, this accessory will make your life easier while adding a touch of modernity to your dress. Our bags are for example perfect for transporting your indispensable everyday life while being afforded to your shoes !

What to put in his ethnic bag

You can easily carry in your new ethnic bag with super nice accessories, like a Indian notebook Very useful to rate all your appointments and your ideas!