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Tibetan bracelet

Our Tibetan bracelets

We offer a wide range of Tibetan bracelets, traditionally inspired by the Buddhist culture they have become popular over the centuries, often worn to the right arm they took according to the tradition of luck and success to the one or the one that will bring it every day, our bracelets Are manufactured according to traditions and respect the quality commitment we defend from Indian Kingdom. They are perfect for lovers of Indian bracelets All kind!

How to wear a Tibetan bracelet?

The Tibetan bracelet is traditionally carried to the right arm, it goes on a daily basis for a unique style, it agrees with your day holding and becoming over the popular time in the West, it is also widely used during meditation sessions or yoga, it aims to repel the negative energies while attracting positive energies, a bit like the Bracelets 7 Chakras !

Spirituality surrounding the Tibetan bracelet

Indeed, the Tibetan bracelet has been able to cross the epoch. It is unique and considered by the people of Tibet and monks Buddhist Like a lucky charm that attracts positivity into everyday life, it is also a symbol of protection and is offered as present to young Tibetan women!

Become a fashion bracelet it finds its place on a daily basis and become the unique trend bracelet we offer at Indian Kingdom.

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