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Indian harael woman

What is a bursow?

the indian hall is an ample garment similar to a trousers, which is carried out in all circumstances and which adapts perfectly to all situations of everyday life. Its asset: extreme comfort thanks to its wide width. First from PersianThe sarouel is a female clothing today used around the world and in all cultures.

This ethnic garment which has a very long history is today used in many circles, like the bohemian fashion or by the hippies. But it is also very popular with Westerners in search of comfort and originality!

Our Indian Harloels for Women

We offer you on our online store specializing in the Indian and eastern culture To find harmony for women with Indian motifs and styles. Various colors, always wide and comfortable cuts, and very accessible prices!

By choosing the Indian buses of our brand, you make sure you get quality and cheap pants. You will then have only to loungle you comfortably In your new stockings, during your weekends and your days of rest.

Why wearing an Indian harass

Wear an Indian harass is the guarantee of spending a great day on a small cloud. If you go on weekends, at the Beach or in festivalThis well-known young dress jewel is the ideal habit.