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Indian curtain

Our Indian curtains

the Indian curtain is a Hindu decorative element Unique, appreciated by the Buddhists and the inhabitants of India, he can have different uses (separation of pieces, shower curtain, or not to let the sun enter within your home).

The main assets of our curtains are their unique quality and aesthetics, with traditional motifs or trendy designs., Always inspired by faithfully adapted or reworked Indian customs to the day!

In our Indian shopWe propose to discover unique and original curtains that you will not see anywhere. For the kitchen for example, they will associate very well with pretty spice boxes !

Indian curtains for an interior decor from elsewhere

Our wide range of Indian curtains with clear and bright shades, with traditional and avant-garde motifs, will bring a unique touch to the decoration of your home. A soothing breeze for the decoration of your living room in apartment or simply a soft light that browsing the rooms from your country house.

Every day, at Kingdom Indian, we work hard to satisfy the demands of our long-standing customers. That's why we used the same ancestral methods of handmade printing with wooden buffers on tissue Cotton carefully selected to create a variety of Indian cotton curtains based on our famous hand-printed floral motifs.

We strive to complete the existing range of curtains printed by high quality Indian craftsmanship, French elegance and craft products made by women working on handwriting trades.

The living room or stay is the most important and meaningful room of your home, but it also serves as a central gathering place for family activities. Curtains are an important aspect of interior decoration because they can completely change the appearance of your living room and influence the general appearance. Our curtains measure 110 x 250 cm and are delivered separately!