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Bracelet and Indian Bangles

Our Indian Bracelets for Women and Man

the Indian braceletalso sometimes called bangle, is a typical traditional accessory of Indians and Hindus. It goes at any age, being a young woman as being an elderly lady.

It is traditionally made of glass but its fragility has led us to make them nowadays in metalTherefore, you will find mainly this metal material in our Hindu bracelets. The Bracelets 7 Chakras Are they made of natural stones!

Why wear an Indian bracelet?

Thanks to an Indian bracelet, you will be able to affirm your origins hindu And promote this fabulous culture around the world, wherever you go! It's also a very simple way to dress up your outfit daily efficiently and elegantly.

Hindus bangles are usually very colored And they bring energy and joy around them and the one that wears it. Generally, the bracelets are offered in several sizes, but you will also find some unique size parts. It's the same thing about Tibetan bracelets !

Brass jewelry such as bangles where the rushes Are products we have regularly in stock and are available quickly.Our products can be requested in child size thanks to their adjustable system!

Just like our other Fantasy products, they are very appreciated. They can be worn in the arm or ankle according to your desires and your style, especially concerning the adjustable ring that gives a very side tendency and chic To your style once worn at the ankle!

As we know that color bollywood jewelry red are very sought after, we did everything possible to get in stock and available immediately the jewels made up of pearls red or bangles and bangs made of a red plate. The fantasy boost brought to your style will be phenomenal, as you wear it in the arm or ankle!

Nothing better to be trendy and chic in the spirit of Bollywood than to bring to the arm an armed and adjustable set of a brass plate, itself covered with pearls.

Indian junk bracelets

The Indian junk bracelet are back in the jewelry world. These bracelets are very popular in Hindu history! The clichés show us a variety of cultures wearing indo-European style rushes.

A number of factories in India have redeveloped the old manufacturing techniques so that each raw material used to create these beautiful bracelets are perfectly adapted to your personality. The materials used are both crude and valuable, such as silver, pure gold, ivory precious stones.

The styles of the old Indian bracelets are created with great care so that each style reflects a unique expression that goes with the natural beauty of each person in the world.

Bollywood style jewelry

The Indian Bollywood Jewelry, a real symbol of India, are often very colorful and designed in glass beads. Due to the richness of their colors and their designs, they naturally attract the look.

They are very popular in the United States. The Bollywood jewelry are custom made to please you, they can understand rhinestones, verrorite and more. Bollywood jewelery is a well-off style; This is a well-known fashion that means a lot for Hindus.

Bollywood accessories are an integral part of Hinduism. Each jewel seems to have a specific meaning, which makes it worthy of the collections of lovers of Indian and totally unique art. Since every jewel has a specific meaning, it can be difficult to choose its bracelet.

This kind of jewel combines perfectly modernity and eastern tradition. They are indeed very recognizable and they have great sentimental value for many people, since they represent the Indian cultural heritage.

Very appreciated by exotic lovers, Indian bollywood jewelry are made from colorful glass beads or other natural materials like massive or decorated silver with precious stones.

How to carry his Indian bracelet

The Hindu bracelets Have been created by thinking of women who wanted Bollywood style jewelry not too decorated. Bracelets both simple and elegant!

Why not match them with a necklace, earrings or other matching bracelet? You can choose a silver or gold plated Indian bracelet for a pretty fancy touch that will transform your look.

The pearl bracelets are very trendy and they can be worn with any types of outfits. They can even be worn for special occasions like a wedding or a birthday party.

Some information about Hindu bracelets and bangles

  • The different types of bracelets and bangles are made of glass, stones, metal and pearls.
  • Indian bracelets are made of precious metals such as silver and gold combined with pearls of different colors
  • You can find magnificent silver or gold bracelets with complex patterns that fit perfectly on the wrist of any woman who prefers them to other jewelry
  • Recently, an increase in the request for Geta bracelets, traditionally used for ceremonies, but which have become more popular during marriages because of their elegance and ease of use
  • Apart from these types of traditional bracelets in India, there are ethnic Indian bracelets and bracelets that can be worn during relaxed days and festivals
  • These bracelets exist in different colors, shapes and styles
  • One of these bracelets is known as chain bracelet, which can be adjusted with a clasp for a perfect fit. Even today, most Indian women prefer to wear traditional jewels such as bracelets, because of their elegance and timeless grace.
  • Hindus jewelry are part of a rich cultural heritage that goes back to the beginning of civilization
  • The craftsmen who manufacture them give each piece an identity based on mythology and the Indian religion

What is an Indian bangles?

Indian bracelets are often made of silver, gold, copper or brass. Originally, they were worn as a symbol of social status and as an ornamental jewel considered very precious. The inhabitants of India began to carry them as a form of decoration and it continued for hundreds of years. Indian bangles can also be called bracelets and they usually have many engravings.

They are not sold as a single product, but as a set that includes other pieces such as earrings and necklaces. In India, for generations, men have many bracelets to display their wealth and status. When an Indian woman gets married, we expect her to wear heavy bracelets on her hands and arms, as well as pearl necklaces and caps.

The typical design elements include a suspended pendant, round shape, a combination of metals and stones. They are often decorated with bells to add a tingling at first, only the rich could afford to wear bracelets. They were made from precious metals such as silver and gold, but also iron. However, nowadays, bracelets are made of brass or stainless steel.

People living in India have to constantly buy new bracelets because it's part of their culture. However, many people outside India also wear them as a form of decoration and they are usually only worn on special occasions.

The bracelets that contain pearls or stones can be worn with different types of clothes, jeans at the ball dress.

Many people who wear Indian bracelets have a great sense of fashion and they like to buy assorted accessories such as earrings and necklaces. They also wear them with arm, wrist and ankle. They usually exist in several colors just like the Buddhist bracelets.