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Oriental rug

Our oriental carpets

What's more traditional than the oriental rug To decorate his house in a spirit Hindu ? Although these carpets have become so fashionable in the West nowadays that we see around the world, it nevertheless remains beautiful and native to the East countries!

From many countries to strong culture like Iran, China, India or Pakistan, they have seduced by their Beautiful colors, their patterns and their arabesques A very wide audience all over the world. Add an oriental carpet, so sometimes called ethnic mat, in your living room is a safe bet to create a very warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home.

Well selected and well disposed in your living room, your new bohemian carpet can become The Centra elementl around which decide all your interior decor! Very used by the best decorators, these carpets have the particularity of particularly well blend in all types of decorative style established.

One thing is on: have an oriental carpet at home in addition to a Eastern decoration Well willing will not leave any indifferent guest.

How to choose your ethnic carpet?

Choosing your oriental rug is a less complex task than it seems. Indeed, these small decorative jewels are able to get embedded in all decorative styles, whether it's a style classic, bohemian, modern or Scandinavian, your carpet Will never task in your living room!

They can be used in all rooms in your home, most often in a bedroom or in a salonbut they are also useful in some kitchens accompanied by a Doré Or even some bathrooms according to the configurations of your apartment!

An obvious but very important aspect to respect: the dimensions of your new oriental mat. Indeed each has a different space and everyone must adapt to this constraint, which is why we strive to propose a large number of different dimensionshere are some examples:

  • 40x60 cm
  • 50x80 cm
  • 60x90 cm
  • 80x120 cm
  • 80x160 cm
  • 120x160 cm
  • 200x300 cm
  • 120x160 cm
  • 160x230 cm
  • 140x200 cm

Thanks to this wide range of dimensions, we make sure that you can find on our online store the perfect decoration for your interior, and that you will be satisfied.

The drafting trick: associate your new oriental carpet with a Oriental mirror is a great idea!