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Indian poncho

Our Indian Ponchos for Women

Originally from North America, poncho is a very fashionable garment. Ample and comfortableIt is ideal for any type of activity and for all situations of everyday life. It looks like a blanket that we can wear as a fashion accessory, or to be hot in all circumstances!

It's a very old clothing that would have appeared in the Andes Cordillera And who will be used for thousands of years according to historians. Its uses are multiple, it can for example serve as a fortune shelter for the most seasoned adventurers!

In this collection, we offer a selection of Women's ponchos, some rather classic, but for the most part with patterns and colors typical of Indian culture. It is for this reason that you will find it included in our Indian women's clothing. Sometimes associated with cowboys in westerns, this garment is also used widely used by the former Indian peoples of South America!

Why wear an Indian poncho

If you are looking for an original clothing that will highlight your forms and highlight your feminine look, a cloak As Poncho is an accessory to seriously consider. This kind of sleeveless vest Mises perfectly with all types of clothes like a leafper skirt or cigarette pants for example!

The ethnic caps That we offer here are ideal for creating an original and very colorful style. Associated with other accessories like a vintage handbag and an oriental hat, these ponchos provide you a very unique look.

In addition, the wearing of the long sleeve vest returns very fashionable nowadays and is carried away in all circumstances, even with simple city sneakers! The biggest music fans know how nice it is to bring his poncho to the festival!

If you enjoy hot and comfortable clothes, so turn a ride on the side of our Indian scarves !