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Mala bracelet

Our Mala bracelets

If you are looking to get a Mala bracelet quality, you have fallen into the right place. On Indian kingdom, we offer more than 80 different bracelets, colors and varied properties! Pink, blue, green but also garnet, amethyst and agathe, you will find here the Mala's jewel Perfect for you. Moreover, they are perfectly pair with our other Tibetan bracelets !

What is a Mala bracelet what is it for?

Very fashionable, the 108 pearl bracelet is very sought after. But a lot of followers of this jewel ignores the spiritual meaning Hidden behind the usefulness of clothing.

Mala, "Pearl Garland" in Sanskrit, has been around for a very long time. Indeed, its history will go up more than 3000 years ... Its long history is partly explained by the fact that it was very used in religious currents and used as a rosary. Originally from India, the Tibetan bracelet used as Prayer bracelet is a central element of Buddhist and Hindu practice.

Why is the Buddhist bracelet consisting of 108 pearls?

The traditional Mala manufacture is precise: each bracelet consists of exactly 108 pearls. This number is associated with many beliefs related to the Buddhist culture Such as the 108 names of Buddha, the 108 karmic links, the 108 sins to fight or the 108 spiritual sufferings, but there are many other meanings related to the Tibetan bracelet. Of course, these story loaded jewels are often considered as lucky charm !