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Indian henna

the Indian hennaalso called Mendhi, is a dye powder used for the art of body drawing. This Indian folk art consisting of drawing patterns on the skin is very practiced in Rajasthan, especially by women.

He is part of Indian accessories most used in the Hindu world.

Our Indian henna powders

Often the result of the association of more or less symbolic traditional signs, with protective, prophylactic or magical powers, thesecorporal designs are often applied according to a family tradition.

The henna is infected a paste obtained thanks to the grinding of henna leaves. They are crushed until a powder is obtained. It is the latter that we call henna.

Traditionally applied thanks to the calame, the henna can also be applied using a syringe. The application of the latter is an art that requires a very great finesse and a great precision, however in recent years, it becomes accessible to all thanks to the appearance of stencils.

Why wear Indian henna

Proud proudly millennial drawings made to henna on his skin is a superb way to put forward and show the world the wonders of the Hindu culture.

Yet well established in the West, the latter suffers many prejudices and deserves to put it forward. Whether it's his mythology, his gods or its FESTIVE TRADITIONSThe whole world would benefit from sooth of the culture of the East countries! Henné drawings are incredibly easy to do with our sticker stencils for henna, do not hesitate to choose your favorites.

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