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Mala necklaces

Our Colliers Mala

Looking for the perfect place to find a Collier Mala what makes you glad ? So you are exactly in the right place, because we offer here the widest range of Mala necklaces online!

What is a Mala necklace and what it serves?

The Collier Mala is a Indian jewel very researched. Made of 108 pearlsHe has many spiritual meanings in addition to his jewel function.

In Sanskrit language, "Mala" means "Pearl Garland". Its history will go up more than 3000 years according to the latest archaeological excavations. It was very used in religious currents and it was used as a rosary!

Also called "Tibetan necklace"This native necklace of India has basically as the main function of being a prayer necklace.

Why is the Mala necklace made with 108 pearls?

The making of a Mala necklace is not done by chance. Indeed, they consist of exactly 108 pearls. This very precise number comes from Buddhist religious beliefs old more than 3000 years, we think, among other things, to 108 Spiritual suffering or the 108 sins to fight

This kind of hand jewel is wearing perfection with a Indian ringor a brooch !