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Our golden table paths

Our Golden table pathsare perfect for decorating your home in a modern and festive spirit. Made of cotton and polyester, or sometimes satin, the quality of our tables is no longer to demonstrate, they will be usable several years for the decoration of your kitchen or your dining room. It is an accessory that integrates with perfection in a decoration ofoul !

Why use a golden table path

There are several reasons why using a golden table path. The first is the modernity that he instantly brings to your room. Thanks to its gold color, it will enlighten the table on which it is posed and will give energy to all your meals. To create a complete oriental atmosphere, it can be associated with a carpet Oriental For example.The most frequent uses of a golden path are:

  • Christmas meals
  • Family meals
  • birthdays
  • the marriages

But you can just as well use your favorite table accessory and enjoy throughout the year. We chose to offer several variants of Gold Color Table PathSo you will find different shades but also models with glitter, lace or simply different materials like the cotton, the polyester or the satin For the most luxurious!

To create a complete oriental decoration, you can associate your golden table with bohemian cushions !