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Traditional and modern Indian sari


Welcome to the Bollywood atmosphere with these magnificent Saris for Indian women, which instantly transport us in the purest tradition. In this category, you will find the widest variety of Sari Bollywood at competitive prices for all your events: wedding sari, Indian ceremony sari, Indian party sari, and Indian dance sari.

For the most demanding, we have a complete line of Indian women's clothing To complete your look.

How did his sold Indian saris sold?

Because the morphology of every woman is different, and because the way to wear a sari varies from region to region, we have chosen to sell saris as they are offered in Indian stores!

That is to say a coupon of fabric of about 5 to 6.5 meters depending on the model. You can take a piece of 1m See 1,20m of this coupon of fabric to make your choli (the small short-sleeved high carried under the sari) and the rest of the quantity will be used after carefully keen the ends of the draping which creates The skirt and shoulder throws.

We have a large selection of cholis for sale, as well as those who are already manufactured and en route to your home.

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Indian Sari: The Authenticity of Tradition

The Saris, which are made of georgette, silk and satin and constitute a fundamental element of Indian culture, are real aspects of Indian heritage. Only saris produced in India and imported directly to the United States can be found in this category.

Saris manufactured in India

Our online store sells saris that have been manufactured in India by trade specialists. Therefore, we provide the ladies of high quality Indian Saris. Choose the model you prefer and make your purchase! We deliver you in record time.

How to put his Indian Sari?

Buy an Indian SARI online in the Indian Kingdom and deliver it at home!

Looking for a wedding sari or a contemporary Indian Sari, a caftan or a Takchita? You will find everything you need on the Internet, saris at coupons to make caftan and takchitas. Indian Kingdom offers different types of saris in all colors and patterns. And, good news, our prices are quite reasonable.

Several models of Indian saris

You will find a wide variety of Indian saris on our online store. You will certainly discover the traditional Indian clothing that will please you most among the ethnic sari, the Indian dance sari ... or the floral pattern. Please do not make quotes!

Ordering a Sari in India, this is an opportunity to appear elegant, like the actresses that dance by spinning this clothing known in all directions.

Saris of all colors and patterns

We have a wide choice of Sarees in different colors and motifs to please the ladies who appreciate this historic Indian garment. You will discover casual sarees, Bollywood style dance sares, and even fashion styles among our collection.

Choose the Indian Saree that you like the most, and we take care of the delivery! The Indian Sarae is a fantastic gift option, especially if you like Indian culture.

Creator Sari: The Indian Sarae, which is both fashionable and distinctive. For years, these famous creator saris are envied many people because of their simple but elegant appearance. Who has not fantasized to put on a comfortable sari as in Bollywood movies and dancing by hunching his sari in every way like actresses?

It is a joy of carrying these beautiful long blouses, which are subtly adorned with tiny embellishments such as embroidery and are offered in an attractive and festive color. All this to tell you that the famous Indian Sari is not outdated, and that type of garment is still very fashionable today. In our current saris range, we offer new and unique models with more modern colors, well-fitting features and beautiful patterns. Choose your Indian dress Preferred and create your own Bollywood fantasy.


Indian Sari: Origin, Myth and Beauty

For 5,000 years, Sari has been a well-known emblem for Indian women. Today, more than 6.5 million people in India are employed in the manufacture of artisanal saris. Although their construction is similar, the Saris allow Indian women to express their individuality and creativity through their clothes, thanks to their versatility.

Certainly, there are several styles, patterns, colors and weavings of Sari among which to choose. A SARI is a piece of fabric of 6 to 9 meters long that is draped on a shoulder and wrapped around the waist. The belly is often exposed, and an arm is usually discovered on the side when the Sari is draped on the shoulder.

A petticoat is usually carried under the Sari. In the different regions of India, this article is known as different names. The term Chaniyo is used in the West, Parkar or Ghagra in the East, and Shaya in the South; It is also known as Pavadi or Padava in the North. Finally, Lahanga or Lehenga are his names in the North. A blouse (Choli or Ravika), which we generally see with a short black dress called angarkha, can be worn under the Sari.

Cholis can also be naked type with a low pass, and these are more formal sarees. When this is the case, these are more formal srees that have a lot of embroidery and decorations compared to the ordinary srees worn by women who work in the army. With a short-sleeved shirt in the waist, many women who work in the army wear a SARI uniform.

In Hinduism, the Sari is derived. Hindus believe that clothes sewn together are unclean. Indian belief that the navel is essential and serves as a source of life and creativity explains why the Sari does not cover belly. However, in the old Indian civilizations, a naked belly was considered a beauty ideal.

The Hindu gods are almost always represented with large hips, large busts and small sizes. Like other cultures, Hindu women appreciate the contrast between a tiny size and a larger hip and bust line. If the SARI highlights the size, it also emphasizes (and sometimes exaggerated) on the hips and bust, emphasizing (and sometimes exaggerating) the feminine form.

The Sari, on the other hand, does not expose the modesty of the woman since he is entirely wrapped in fabric, even if only a small part of his size is exposed. The first attested appearance of the Sari dates back to 100 before J.-C. It represents a priest of the Indus Valley with a draping similar to today's sari.

Dancers and goddesses wearing Dhoti wraps are represented on stone sculptures from the first to sixth century. In rock paintings of the fifth century, we see women wearing saris all over the body. A Portuguese who visited India in the early 1500s noted that women wore "very beautiful" cotton or silk clothes that were draped on their size and shoulders, revealing their arms and shoulders.

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Many Hindu tales and folklores involve the Sarees, which led many people to think that they are an important part of Indian culture. Vedic literature, Mahabharata, Silappadhikaram, Kadambari and Natya Shastra are some of the ancient texts in which these facts can be found. The specialists generally agree that the Saris have been mentioned for the first time in 5000-year-old sacred texts.

The most fascinating aspect of saris for me is the way all Indian women wear them, in the same way that almost all men in America wear pants. It is true that the port of Sari can limit the freedom of self-determination, expression and mobility of a woman in some ways.

On the other hand, you could consider it from a different angle. For example, if you knew you're going to wear a Sari every day, you would not worry about what you're going to wear - imagine the time and energy you will save by not having to think about it!

The obvious advantage of wearing a Indian tunicIn my opinion, is that you do not have to worry about finding clothes that fit your unique style, highlight your silhouette while being fashionable and affordable. I believe that the most difficult for an American is to find clothes that highlight its silhouette.

In India, manufactured clothing are often considered a form of sabotage, unlike Sari. In reality, it's not even a problem since the Sari is draped around your own body. It is therefore intended to hide the main object of the garment - you in this case it - rather than your clothes.

Whether you're used to wear clothes size 8 or the extra few kilos you have taken during the last vacation forcing you to wear clothes size 10, in any case, it makes no difference. Because your Sari has been created to flatter your curves and highlight them, it will always go to wonder!

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Sari Indian - The Beauty of Tradition

Hindu culture is well known for the richness of its customs, religions, languages ​​and cuisine. With regard to fashion preferences, women from northern India tend to wear Salwar Kameezs, while South and East Women in India prefer the beautiful variety of Saires available. Cotton sarees at the Kanjeevaram sarees, there is a wide range of tissues for the Sarees.

This wonder of 6 yards is just what it takes for a lady feels comfortable in the heat of India, while being elegant. In India, we do not need motif to party, which is why this versatile drape is not only available in different fabrics like silk, Georgette, muslin, cotton, net, jacquard Or satin, but it is also available with a variety of patterns, including brocade and embroidery.

This garment has not only the most beautiful qualities of a woman, but it also allows you to adorn other objects. Weddings with romantic outings, Indian kingdom offers a varied range of creators' saris from outside India, such as France. The growing need for Indian cultural clothes such as Saris during marriages and special events has created an important market for these clothes.

Whether you like the delicate tone or the brilliant hues that illuminate your mood, it is undeniable that the collection of SAREES online is huge.

Saris Designer at cheap price

A large collection of Indian wedding saris will help you embrace the beauty of Indian clothes. Indian Kingdom offers a variety of Indian saris available for all occasions. Indian Kingdom offers a complete selection of Indian Saris, including economical and high-end models.

We love femininity in all the sails in Indian kingdom, so we bring saris Banarasi auspicious, Saris Kanjeevaram, Saris Chancederi, Saris Kota, Saris Georgette, Saris, Saris Indian cotton, flowering dresses and the Continuous list.

Do you have a friend or a parent who plans to participate in one of the weddings or one of the most anticipated holidays? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place. Stop living terrible experiences of buying Sarees on sites without brand or teaches; Instead, Indian kingdom is where you have to go to buy beautiful Indian wedding dresses in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Bollywood Designer Wedding Saris

Indian and Bollywood designers offered us a kaleidoscopic tray of amazing saris. They are not only beautiful by their colors, but also fascinating by their fabric and authentic patterns.

Do not worry if you do not have a lot of money to spend for Bollywood designer saris; Indian Kingdom offers saris of superb and authentic designers at an affordable price. Feel elegant, sophisticated and fashionable in our online Saris Indian shop in France with our Indian dresses. Choose the size that suits you among the different types of silk or georgette, cotton, polyester and other fabrics available in our Sarees collection.

At Kingdom Indian, we have a great selection of Indian saris to help you find your most beautiful appearance - buy online saris on Indian kingdom now. If you like the Bollywood world, why not offer you a Oriental dance belt ?