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Indian cushion

Our Indian cushions

Our collection of Indian cushion,is perfect for you if you want to decorate your Indian decoration, your sofa or your bed of a Oriental deco accessory.

Often composed of reasons associated with India and the traditions of the East as mandalas where the dream catches, our Indian cushions are easy to associate with all kinds of atmospheres!

The bright and clear colors of our most colorful models ensure you bring vitality, energy and good mood in your interior. The darker and more sober color models guarantee you an increased appeasement and calm!

They will be a perfect addition to an atmosphere at Oriental style, that you can create in your home easily with our Indian statues!

Our Indian floor cushions

Our Indian floor cushions are perfect for giving new impetus to your interior decoration! If you want to change air, decor and life, adding multiple scattered floor cushions in your favorite parts may be the solution.

Can be used to eat on the ground, or to practice spiritual activities like the pray or the meditation, this original accessory with Indian colors and oriental motifs will be of great use.

They can, combined with some Indian tables, turn the atmosphere of your home into a space worthy of the largest oriental palaces!

Our Indian poufs

The Indian poufs are double-use elements. They will allow you to decorate with originality your interior, thanks to their magnificent colors and their motives ethnic Traditional India, but they will also allow you to spend pleasant moments with family by putting them around a table and to spend beautiful evenings!

Tip of writing: get some pieces of indian fabric To create beautiful covers to your favorite pillows.