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Indian pants

Our Indian Women's Pants

Our Indian women's trousers are very colorful pieces with dynamic and traditional patterns of Hindu culture. We offer various cups, such as wide sections close to the harem or cuts more straights and slim, close to today's classic trousers!

Those ethnic pants are perfect for being associated with all kinds of outfits but they get married particularly well with others Indian women's clothingReasons and similar colors coming from countries like India and Nepal.

Whether it's to get an ethnic chic effect, reggae Where hippie Indian women's pants are for you!

Bollywood trousers

Indian trousers is one of the strong elements of the Bollywood culture, whether for the dance or to disguise yourself. They are usually very colorful and have a rather wide cup.

These Indian pants, also called Bollywood pants So are perfect for an Indian dance costume as for all your various events!

The most common worlds and modes that democratized Indian pants are yoga, the hippie trend of the 1960s and bohemian fashion. Their success is largely from the comfort provided by the ultra light and fluid materials used for their manufacture!

Indian trousers and Indian dance

Increasingly practiced activity in Europe and more particularly in France, the indian dance Where Bollywood dance is at the heart of current trends. The hex records a multiplication by 6 of Indian dance club openings over the last few years, so it is a considerable number of new location that allow the practice of traditional Hindu dance!

This spectacular craze for the Hindu world And for Indian fashion in general is particularly explained by the rise of cinematographic productions broadcast intensively. But we must not underestimate the power of the indian culture, strong of his cooking, his tattoos and his music!

Very comfortable trousers

As you know, the main advantage of Indian pants, similar to haremineis to be very comfortable. Thanks to their cup and their fluid fabricsYou will have a great freedom of movement and the amplitude of these will be unlimited!

They are perfect for being worn on weekends, on vacation or at the beach. Even the big heat do not lose them from their charms, indeed thanks to the large space they leave between your legs and the fabric, from the air circulates constantly on your skin and always keeps you cool!

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