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Henna stencil

Our stencils Indian stickers for henna

Create drawings on his body with henna has always been a great tradition in the Middle East and more particularly in the Indian people. Coming from exceptional know-how, henna is a real art that is transmitted from generation to generation. It is now very fashionable in young girls in the West to practice this very delicate art during his free time, however it is rare for the latter to know the techniques used to create such works.

That's why the Sticker stencils for henna are very popular as that indian accessory and sound of great use

Why use a henna stencil

If you want to have sublime drawings made with henna on your body, whether on your hands, your feet your legs Where any other party, you absolutely need to use a stencil for henna. The precision given by the use of these stencils is incomparable by hand, and your happy and proud to show the result around you!

The reasons for our stencils for henna

We propose multiple patterns for our henna stencils, indeed it was very important for us that our customers, you, have a great choice. Your imagination has no limit with the multitude of patterns we offer:

  • Animals
  • Curves
  • Emojis
  • Indian scriptures
  • Handwritten writings
  • Calligraphy
  • Flowers
  • Nature
  • Symbol
  • Muslim
  • Asian symbols

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