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Indian tunic woman

Indian tunics for women

Our Indian women's tunics Are timeless and timeless mode parts that will allow you to clothe with comfort and class during hot summer periods.

The quality of our Indian tunics will allow you to wear them for several consecutive seasons and save money in the long run. If you like Hindu mode, so turn a round on our selection of Indian women's clothing !

What is a woman's Indian tunic?

The tunic,often a little shorter than Kameez. is a perfect mix of style ethnic and elegance to the Indian. There are many colors and many ethnic motifs on Indian tunics, which echoes the culture of Bollywood.

More and more present in the western world, the Indian fashion In general, takes a very important place in recent years on the European continent. Strong of a history and know how to do very developed, the Hindu culture is largely part of the World Heritage.

Indian tunic is a garment that easily adapts to all types of morphology: it is long enough to cover the hips and is composed of long or long sleeve. Some models are, however, made of short sleeves. The Hindu and ethnic side of these tunics is perceived thanks to the patterns and colors typical of India and the Middle East.

We offer several types of tissues for our tunics, such as cotton, muslin or silk. Some are adorned with pearls and unique embroidery which gives them a very original appearance!

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