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Eastern Table

The Oriental Table

the Table Oriental is a very used decoration object nowadays. As the largest indoor decorators know, the patterns and colors from the eastern and ethnic style in general are very powerful!

With thousands of years of work of artists, mixing dozens of cultures and meetings between painters of great talents through time, the eastern paintings today proposed on our online store are the result of a great adventure. They are part of a set of Oriental decorations that we strongly advise you!

Some derive their motives and colors from Asian countries, others from the Maghreb countries. We want to offer paintings from all walks of life so that you can decorate your interiors as good and live in a house that looks like you! Eastern decoration is a very powerful element of oriental art

The level of detail, the use of colors and patterns are different in each paint. Some are more decorative with their dominant lines or their symmetrical patterns, others are more pictorial. We discover oriental paintings with many different visions and we love them!

The realization of an oriental painting

An oriental painting is performed on a wooden clothing frame that we call the batik. The batik can be either natural or black, depending on whether we want to use oriental paint on a light or dark background.

It is then spread with oil painting in the same way as European, which makes it possible to create oriental motifs. One can find oriental paintings of a very high level of detail in our online store. It is then attached to the wooden frame of the garment using Collequi is removed when the oriental table is complete.

We put oriental paintings in a varnish to protect them and make them last longer! They are carefully controlled before being shipped, then delivered with a board note explaining how to hang them, that you will find on our oriental art shop.

As with the other oriental paintings we propose, we can ship framed or not framed.

Our different types of tables

As you can see, we propose several types of tables. Not only by their forms, they can behorizontalWhereverticalbut also by their origins and their motives.

Asian tables

On theAsian tablesYou will find many representations of characters, women or men in traditional Asian outfits, but also older representations of parchments, vases and all kinds of objects!

African paintings

Africa has many wonders to share with the world! This great continent has the peculiarity of sheltering many different cultures as rich as the others. We are happy to be able to offer tables to theArab Calligraphy, passing through theSAHARA desert landscapesUntil the architecture ofBaghdadand its buildings.

Indian tables

Our original paintingshinduare perfect interior decoration elements if you want to give an eastern touch to your decor. Often sold in the form oftriptychorpolyptyqueThese tables in several parts represent Hindu religious scenes with Shiva or Indian faces.

The dimensions of our east paintings

As we know that every wall, every house and atmosphere are unique, it is important for us to propose a great diversity ofdimensionsFor our paintings. Here are some examples of size that you can find:

  • 10x15 cm
  • 21x30 cm
  • 20x25 cm
  • 40x60 cm
  • 50x 70 cm
  • 60x90 cm
  • 70x80 cm
  • 50x115 cm
  • 60x135 cm
  • 70x160 cm

This is only a very small list of the many sizes we offer. They are presented under each work according to the availability of the moment.

Why decorate his interior with an oriental poster?

I was looking for a way to brighten up my living room and I felt a little discouraged by the lack of success I had in this area. Fortunately, Oriental's posters came to my rescue! I could decorate my house with oriental painting posters without any problem. Oriental painting is a wonderful style that borrows from crops and oriental traditions. The eastern tradition has always been attached to the idea of ​​harmony, equilibrium and colors.

Oriental paintings are subtle works where colors play an important role. In orientalism, blue and red are considered complementary colors. They contrast one with the other to create a serene and balanced effect. Oriental table posters are a great way to reflect oriental culture in your interior. This oriental style is very popular in the Arab world, Chinese decoration, Indian decoration, Japanese art and Moroccan decoration.

Traveling in the East without moving from home

Oriental paintings, oriental posters and the orientalist theme have been incorporated into many aspects of modern life. Orientalist posters were sold in the 19th century as souvenirs for travelers.

Orientalists were collecting oriental material to paint orientalist scenes capable of capturing the style and atmosphere of the East. Today, oriental paintings are collected by people around the world because they capture the beauty and essence of eastern culture.

The choice of oriental paint posters can transform any room into an exotic environment where it is hard to believe that you still live in your home. What is even more surprising is that with oriental stage posters, you can travel in different parts of the world without ever coming out of your home.

Oriental style posters are now available in many different sizes and shapes. Oriental paintings can also be reproduced for oriental paintings, oriental carpets, oriental carpets, oriental vases, oriental lamps and other oriental decorations.

Oriental painting gives a feeling of well-being

The oriental painting has a long tradition, old for several thousand years. It is believed that eastern painting is the representation of the world such as the artist sees him, and no matter what happens in the world, an oriental painting will always offer a feeling of peace and serenity.

Do you want to buy a spiritual and modern oriental painting?

Do you want to buy a spiritual and modern oriental setting? We have oriental paintings of different sizes and shapes with the most popular oriental scenes impressions like the Silk Road.

These impressions are available in many colors. If you are looking for oriental paintings of nature, we also have. They are made in an eastern style, which is also known as the fine oriental paint.

We offer executives that show oriental landscapes. These oriental paintings are impressions of Oriental art, which means that it is reproductions on paper!

Looking for a contemporary Islamic painting?

Are you looking for a contemporary Islamic painting?

One of the most famous oriental painters is Ahmed Saidi. He became famous with his oriental paintings in the late 1930s and early 1940s. His oriental and orientalist style was influenced by the eastern and orientalist movements of Western art.

This eastern artist is one of the most famous painters in Egypt, with an artistic career over 60 years old. The oriental paintings of Saidi are considered original and very unique because of their traditional technique and the use of calligraphy, geometric patterns and arabesque decorations.

An indoor decor at the top thanks to the African style

Africa is a continent full of mystery and charm. This is the reason why oriental painting has grown with all its beauty. The oriental style we see in oriental paintings derives from Islamic ornaments and is very unique. These paintings also reflect the power of Islam as well as the daily life of the harem women at that time.

People who are interested in oriental paintings have found that they have always been associated with style, charm and artistic sense. They also represent a link with spent times through their representation of current Islamic culture.

The decoration of his living room

I am currently renovating my living room and I want to add oriental paintings. These oriental paintings will contribute significantly to the style and charm that will bring the decor of my living room. There are oriental paintings that can be found in my apartment, while others have seen at other people, for example on the walls of their kitchen, their bedroom, their living room or their gallery.

The style of eastern paint is associated with Islam and is an oriental decoration style. This type of eastern framework includes reasons from Indian culture such as harem, pleasure, decoration, apartment, room, cooking and living room. One way to decorate a room with oriental painting is to use reasons for Indian culture

Decorate your kitchen with oriental posters

You can decorate your kitchen with oriental style posters. Oriental style paints were produced to show scenes of oriental literature and culture or to give a more general feeling of Eastern "exoticism".

The majority of oriental paintings have been created in Muslim countries and represent scenes of Islamic culture or harem scenes, ie isolated neighborhoods for women and children in a Muslim home. These scenes symbolize the desires and luxury that can be found in the private spaces of Turkish homes.

Some oriental paintings show scenes from Indian literature or scenes of life in Indian palaces. In many oriental crops, there are two main styles in oriental paintings: one is usually a feather drawing that has been embellished, the other a hand drawing with watercolors

Decorate your room in an African style

The typical style of oriental art is horizontal and turned outward. This gives him a Japanese appearance. Oriental paints are most often traditionally drawn in the ink, but oriental paint styles can also be seen on other media such as oil or acrylic. The eastern decoration used in all parts of this decorative style combines the eastern concepts of equilibrium, harmony and simplicity. The colors are generally warm to evoke feelings of comfort and privacy.

This oriental style has many variations that you can try according to your personal tastes. You can use oriental furniture such as Moroccan rest beds or inspire you cooking spices of Ceylon or India such as turmeric powder to prepare beautiful dishes such as curcuma rice with pumpkin curry sauce and nuts Coconut.

Decorate your apartment with an oriental atmosphere

It is possible to bring an eastern decoration in an apartment with oriental paintings. Oriental style furniture can be used for the living room and bedroom. It is also possible to paint these pieces with oriental motifs. A person can use oriental cushions in his living room.

If you are also interested in eastern decoration, you can search for oriental posters, oriental cushions, oriental carpets or a Oriental mirror. You can find all these things in an indoor decoration store or in an online store.