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Indian piercing

Our Indian piercings

TheIndian piercings are nose jewelry Very popular with Hindu women. They allow to complete its oriental style by combining tradition and mode. Very used since all time in the culture of the East these jewels are essential for a real Indian woman. They often wear with others Indian jewelry !

We offer you in our selection of long piercings, going from the ear to the nose, like smaller and more classic piercings, to put on different parts of his face. The most common uses being on lips, the nose or The bribery arch

But it is possible to be creative and put them on the edge of the nose or below! You can also wear Indian piercings in combination with septum rings, crazy Indian jewelry.

Why wear an Indian piercing

Indian piercings are the ideal way to show your culture and your inheritance. With Indian piercings, you can choose different jewelry sizes that will fit your personal tastes perfectly. Indian piercings are made with materials such as gold, silver, copper and steel. They are designed in different forms like hearts, stars, flowers or moons. They get married perfectly with a Indian bindi !

Indian piercings are also available in many colors such as pink, purple, white gold, green gold and red gold. If you want a really unique Indian piercing, you can even have a room in which two colors are combined in a single Indian piercing.

Nose jewelry in Hindu mode

Nose jewelry can be considered a personal ornament that is on the nose. Nose jewelry exists from antiquity, and they are revealing the personality of the personality

Indian fashion has been influenced by different cultures for centuries. The influences of many countries have left a mark on Indian fashion. There are a number of different styles in Indian fashion, but Hindus worshipers often use nose jewelry to decorate their nose while they pray (Raja).

The piercing of the nose becomes more and more popular today. He became common for teenagers to get his nose at the shopping center or with a friend who already has a piercing experience.

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