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Le Tatouage Bouddha

The Buddha Tattoo

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Buddhism is the fourth most popular religion in the world, with more than 250 million followers. Although there are relatively few Buddhists against other major religions, millions of practitioners have considerable influence on society.

Many people proudly display these works of art because they are closely associated with the beginnings of this religion, though Buddha himself had banned all forms of expression, many people proudly display them.

shoulder Buddha tattoo

The history of Buddhist symbols

The first Buddhist symbols date back to 250 BC, according to archaeological evidence, and may be attributed to the Indian king Ashoka, who reigned in Sarnath, India. His devotion to the Buddha is the source of most Buddhist symbols and pictures today.

Buddha tattoo arm

However, it was not until 100 BC that the image of Buddha represented in tattoos spread. Although some of his followers had initially hesitated to accept this picture, she eventually became the standard of Buddha representation. Some tattoo artists are trying different variations, but they all agree that each tattoo of Buddha must have its own distinct appearance.

Buddha tattoo chest

What is the Meaning of a Buddha Tattoo

These tattoos can have a significant meaning for you if you are a practicing Buddhist or if you believe the teachings of Buddha. Although most people think that these tattoos are a global concept, it is not true.

Buddha colorful arm tattoo

In reality, these tattoos can have very different meanings. So be sure to get all the necessary information before making your decision. Each Buddhist tattoo has its own meaning, like the lotus flowers that signify power, rebirth and enlightenment. Although Buddhism promotes these ideas in general, the lotus flower is often used to represent them.

Buddha Tattoo Buddha Head Shoulder

Buddhist tattoos, like the Golden Buddha, can be used to symbolize faith in the Buddha's teaching or devotion to her. The golden Buddha is the most popular Buddhist tattoo because it is linked to this religion. It is not necessary to be a Buddhist to wear this tattoo, because anyone who has read and understood his teachings can show his devotion.

Buddha tattoos Nazi sign

As these patterns are very popular, many people are the tattoos for the sake of appearance rather than for a particular significance. Most individuals are constantly looking for innovative images to stand out, the Buddha could be an intriguing alternative to this.

Giant Shoulder Buddha Tattoo

The meanings of these types of tattoos are numerous, ranging from wealth to purity, honesty, wealth and blessings. These patterns can also be used to ward off evil spirits and all forms of evil.


On What Body Part Place a Buddha Tattoo?

Buddha tattoos in the back

Buddha tattoo on the back

The back: You are not limited by space when it comes to a tattoo on the back. You can create as big as you want. Buddha laughter and Buddha meditation are frequently represented.

Buddha tattoos on arms woman

Buddha tattoo on arm

The upper arm is the ideal location for your Buddha. This is perfect for men because their arms are usually large, and Buddha will be more visible. Moreover, the arm is not as painful as other parts of the body, it is easier to get a tattoo.

Tattoos Buddha belly navel

Buddha tattoo on belly

The belly is a rarely tattooed area, but if you plan to place your tattoo, laughing Buddha is a wonderful choice. Guaranteed results: align the stomach of the Buddha with your belly button and it will be great!

Buddha Buddha head hand tattoos

Buddha Tattoo on Main

A Buddha tattoo on your hand is not only beautiful. It will be a clear indication of your spiritual beliefs to others.

Buddha tattoos realistic Buddha head

Ideas Popular Tattoo Gautama Siddartha

temporary tattoos: If you do not want permanent tattoo or if you simply like change, these tattoos are the ideal option. The temporary tattoos of Buddha usually last one to three weeks and allow you to convey your feelings without long-term impact!

Buddha tattoo laughing in the back

Laughing Buddha

When discussing the laughing Buddha, most people think of him as a cheerful face. Laughing Buddha is one of the most popular tattoos because of its understated style and meaning for happiness and wealth.

Meditation Buddha Tattoo

The Buddha Meditation

The Buddha's meditation is a more serious tattoo pattern, suitable for people who want to get tattoos for religious reasons. You can draw the Buddha meditating in the lotus position or just the face.

Buddha's Hand Tattoo

The Hand of Buddha

Buddha's Hand: This tattoo is usually on the shoulder or the shoulder blade, and it represents a hand representing one of many postures of Buddha.

25 Buddha Tattoo Images

Finally, look at some of the most beautiful Buddha tattoo designs to help you make your decision; you're Ost welcome !

Buddha tattoo full arm
Full bust Buddha tattoo
Buddha whole body tattoo
Buddha tattoo pectoral character
Buddha tattoo forearm Buddha head
Buddha tattoo gods
Buddha tattoo chakras back
Buddha tattoo full back
tattoo buddha buddha big shoulder
Buddha tattoo laughing shoulder
Buddha tattoo sheet shoulder
Buddha tattoo in the back in black
Buddha tattoo full body gautama
Buddha tattoo laughing forearm
Buddha tattoo back Hindu gods
tattoo colorful Buddha
Buddha tattoo before colorful arm
Buddha tattoo two arms
tattoo Buddha head Buddha
tattoo Buddha head colored
Buddha tattoo tattooist


Video of a realization of a Buddha Tattoo

To complete this article already very full on Buddha tattoos, here's a video of Psynk Tatoo which offers us an explanation of the meaning of his tattoo of Buddha and live realizes.

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