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Comment mettre un turban indien

How to put an Indian turbon

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How to put an Indian turban for men?

the Indian turban or Pagri is an extraordinary cultural object. Far from being a simple fashion accessory, it informs many private aspects of the person's life.

Social situation, profession, family, origin and many other aspects of personal life can be understood by connoisseurs at the only view of the type of Pagri worn and the technique used to put it.

In summary, it is possible to put an Indian turban into four steps: tie your hair, wind the pagri around your head, block and finally check the strength of the set. It will also be important to make sure your turban is more than 5 meters long.

Man with Indian turban

Very present in the region of Rajasthan in India, it seems even that the meaning of colors and size changes according to the regions, every 20km. You will understand it, there is no one answer to our day question.

We will therefore see a very simple and very fast method for Indian turban, but of numerous methods More complex and more traditional exist!

Do not neglect the length of his turban

Before you begin, make sure your turban is at least 5.5 meters long to have sufficient length to get a solid knob. You can actually create one with all types of fabrics of sufficient length!

Oriental pattern fabric

First step: tie your hair

In order to correctly perform the following steps, it is important to attach your hair if they are long. For example, you can make a bun with an elastic, but other solutions are possible.

If you do not know how to make a bun, know that you can find many tutorials on the internet!

man with a bun

Second step: wind turban around your head

Install one end of the Pagri on one side of your head and start winding it. You can wind it clockwise, or conversely it does not matter. You should be able to do several turns, so that the latter is securely stuck.

In order to create a stronger structure, you need to move each lap slightly diagonally from the previous turn. This will also facilitate the implementation of the last step.

Indian Turban winding man

Third step: block the turban

Once you have only 20 to 30 centimeters of turban, stop winding, you will use it to block everything. If you managed to create different diagonals at each header, you should have the head covered, from the forehead to the top of the skull.

This must leave you the possibility of passing the remaining 20 to 30 centimeters under the high layers, that is to say the layers above your head, and securely block the last centimeters.

turban indian couple

Fourth step: check that the set is correctly

You managed to secure your Pagri securely? Well done. But vWe would not want him to take place in the middle of the day, that's why we advise to test the strength of the set by moving his head repeatedly in several directions, and shoot slightly on it.

If everything is well tied, it should not move at all. If nothing is moving, it's perfect, you're ready!

Indian man who looks at a mirror

Tip: Use an already knotted turban

If you have not succeeded, you find that the setting up of a Pagri is too complicated and you want to wear one without bothering, you can turn to the turbans already ready !

These turbans already made are ideal for novices who do not want to bother with the knotting process that can be very complicated at first.

Being specialized in Indian fashion accessories, we obviously propose multiple Indian clothes for menOn our shop that will associate perfectly with a turban!

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