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La Danse du Ventre Origine et Bienfaits

The belly dance Origin and benefits

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What is the belly dance?

Mysterious and intriguing, this practice has long since interrogated. At the end of this article, you will know what you need to know about the eastern dance and its secrets.

All about the belly dance, let's go!

In fact, the term belly dance is an abuse of language designating the eastern dance. Coming from Egypt, the latter consists of several different styles whose main is called Raqs Sharqi. It was the latter who won from the 1890s in the West.

Who invented the belly dance?

It is Jean-Léon Gérôme which introduced first the term belly dance in 1864 at a show in Paris. This term, in reality reducing, is the popular term for the eastern dance.

The latter, as you can imagine it, does not date from yesterday and finds its origin in a distant past that we can not know. In addition, this dance was at the natural basic and practiced instinctively before being theorized and taught in schools.

belly dancer

The belly dance for men

It was at the root of men that Eastern dance was practiced at the court of the Ottoman Empire Sultans. At that time, the staging of women was then prohibited.

Nowadays, male belly dance is experiencing real boom in Turkey. Under the name of "Zenne"These dancers are real stars!

What are the benefits of belly dance?

In the West, it is largely for its benefits that the belly dance is put forward. Indeed, its practice has many positive effects on health:

  • She gives back flexibility
  • She muscle the body
  • She works the abs
  • It affines the size (flat stomach)
  • It strengthens the back muscles
  • It keeps fit

Indeed, its practice consists of a series of well-targeted muscle contractions, with the idea of ​​moving parts of its body independently about the other parties.

Flat belly woman on surfing

Why do Eastern dance?

As we have seen, practice oriental dance has many advantages. Let's return in more detail in the specificities and secrets of this dance that intrigues so much!

Is the eastern dance meatrify?

The answer is yes ! Thanks to the many muscular movements needed for practice, all dancers notice a clear gain of tone and a real weight loss.The abdominal strap, strongly solicited, will quickly lose weight your hips and melt your body fat.

Coupled with a healthy and light diet, this practice can be a real boost to your weight loss!

healthy food

Belly dance to give birth when one is a pregnant woman

It is a millenary practice to facilitate childbirth by a specific practice of belly dance. Of a sacred natural, the dance of fertility is linked to a named rite "Baladi"In particular practiced in Quebec the latter is transmitted from mother to daughter!

Oriental dance and back pain

It is now completely admitted that belly dance, like some other ethnic dances, is ideal for strengthening its muscle tone, improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

By these mechanisms, it is possible to fight his back pain Effectively while bringing many other benefits to his body!

back pain

Belly dance to strengthen its abs

Many movements of the oriental dance use the abdominal belt. It is therefore evident that many women wishing to refine their size, strengthen their abs and more tonic choose this practice.

Yes, the belly dance will strengthen your abs!

And here you are, you are now a genuine expert on the subject of the eastern dance and belly dance. If you want to start the practice of the latter, you will need equipment. For this, do not hesitate to take a look at our Eastern dance belts !

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