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8 Idées de Maquillage Hindou et Bollywood

8 Hindu Makeup Ideas and Bollywood

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Do you like makeup, fashion accessories and the world of beauty? Perfect today I'm talking about 8 makeup ideas, inspirations Hindu and Bollywood.

A simple makeup to set up and easy to wear is essential, especially if you make you every day at the office, university or school.

Even at home, all you need, it's a refreshing shine for your face, not a Too Much aspect that comes with layers and layers of colorful creams, powders, etc.

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It is therefore essential that you have a few natural makeup ideas for everyday life on your list. For aMakeup natural effectYou will need the basic products listed below in natural hues.

Do not worry, for the indian skinThere are many neutral tint products available on the market. Just browse any site or specialized shop to buy them if you do not have one yet!

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The necessary products for a natural Hindu make-up

  • BB CREAM / Lightweight foundation : This is the basis of your makeup. So have a lightweight foundation that is not too heavy. Because you are looking for a natural makeup. Even the BB creams are suitable for that. However, if you have a strong pigmentation, you need a corrector in addition to the foundation to hide your dark spots.
  • Compact powder : Compact powder is essential to attach your foundation and prevent your skin from appearing fat.
  • Eyeshadow / blush (in earthy tones): This product is optional. However, if you want to make your eyes a little more defined and carved, a neutral palette of eye shadows is indispensable. You can even use it as a blush and as highlighter.
  • Neutral lipstick : Prepare your favorite MLBB (My Lip Pink) hue for neutral makeup. However, if you do not like naked shades too much, you can opt for other shades that harmonize with the color of your lips.
  • Eyeliner : A kajal or a deep black pencil to define your eyes.
  • Mascara : A large mascara to strengthen your eyelashes.

With these basic makeup accessories, you can try many surprisingly simple and natural looks.

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Top 8 Hindu & Bollywood Makeup Ideas

To give you the inspiration and makeup ideas you need so much, we have traveled the YouTube channels and found8 Hindu makeup ideasInteresting natural for every day.

All you have to do is scroll through the page and drinking the lyrics of YouTube makeupuses to shine your skin.

1) Natural make-up for everyday life adapted to a clear Indian skin

If you are looking for an idea of ​​day makeup in the natural and fresh look, you have to take a look at this impressive tutorial of Ankita. With the good tone of blush and lip color, she created a simple and radiant look.

2) Neutral makeup of everyday for brown skins

This Makeup Tutorial of Niveda is to look absolutely (and to try too) because it is incredibly simple and realistic. In addition, his skin color corresponds to that of many Indian women. So, if you want a quick idea of ​​effective makeup, here is the good video.


3) Easy daily makeup for Indian skin in the office or at work

the Makeup tutorial Easy everyday Hina Attar is a rescue for those with a small nose and small eyes. She knows how to highlight them and make them apparently beautiful. The tutorial also contains other makeup ideas. Look at it if you complain about your nose and your eyes.

4) Easy Natural Makeup with Seven Products

Shabani's natural makeup tutorial is a blessing for those who want to find an idea of fast makeup without using tons of products on the face. This girl knows how to sculpt your face with a limited number of products.

5) Daily makeup for the office for Olive Indian skin

Here is another simple video of Shabani. With a little variation in eye makeup and a dose of color on the lips, your daily makeup could be so brilliant and beautiful. So, if you are looking for an idea of ​​natural and bright makeup, here it is.

6) Minimum makeup of every day

This idea still comes from Ankita de Corallista. It is intended for those who like to keep a subtle makeup For the eyes and who just like to highlight their lips.

It's a make-up very easy to wear for many. She shares here wonderful tips on how to make up the lips and eyes inspired by Bobbi Brown. Take a look there.

7) Daily natural makeup with kohl eyes and neutral lips

We all love the kohl, is not it ? Deeptima Singh shows us here how to realize an incredible makeup everyday by keeping her eyes brilliant and the naked lips. This look will be suitable for many Hindu women.

8) A look without makeup for the Indian complexion

The video below Shreya is another tutorial without makeup that you need to follow for a successful daily lookeffortlessly. It is suitable for most beautiful skin beauties because its complexion corresponds perfectly. Throughout the video, it also gives other makeup tips.

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