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Brahmâ : le dieu hindou créateur de l'univers

Brahmâ: The Hindu God Creator of the Universe

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Brahma Statue

The Hindu deities constitute the essentials of the cultural and religious heritage of India. There are many types since the creative god to the gods responsible for each element of the universe.

Brahmâ is at the center of the debates for his representation and for the small number of temples dedicated to his worship.

Who is the Hindu god Brahmâ?

The legend tells that Brahmâ was born in a lotus flower after hatching a golden egg. It is a spiritual being that represents the beginning and the end of the world. Everything in this universe is the fruit of its creation.

In the beginning, he designed the sky and the earth and then withdrawn on Mouru Mount in Brahmapura. He is the father of the 7 wise (theishis), the creator of the devas (gods) and Asuras (demons), the creator of the ancestor of men (Manu).

First member of the Holy Trinity Hindu, he is present in all Hindu religious books. It constitutes with Vishnu, the protective god and Shiva, the destructive god, the members of the Trimūrti, the Hindu Trinity.

Colorful Brahma Statue

The representation of Brahmâ

Sitting at his place of birth, a lotus, the Brahmâ divinity has 4 heads and 4 arms. To symbolize the wisdom and the infinite cycle of creation and destruction, Brahmâ carries on each of his heads a white or black beard.

The 4 Cephalic poles From this deity are sometimes assimilated to the 4 cardinal points, or the 4 vedas, or the 4 Yugas, etc. All explanations on the meaning of the 4 Faces of Brahmâ agree on the representation of the functioning of thought with the 4 instances:

  • The Buddhi which is the intellect,
  • The ahamkara which is ego,
  • The manas that is the spirit,
  • Citta which is consciousness.

Brahma golden statue

Further details are also striking about Brahmâ's representation. His hands wear The tools for creating the universe. It is Kamandalu (the pot of life), from Akmasala (the Rosary, the cycles of time), Pustaka (a book) and the Sruva (the spoon of sacrifice).

It is represented torso-naked with a red skin. Which explains the origin of the clothing of brahmâ adepts. In addition, he has clothed white clothes, symbol of the purity of the first member of the Trimurti. Its mount is represented by the swan.


Impopularity of the Hindu Creator God

Although Brahmâ is the first member of the Trimurti, he is rarely adored by men. This situation finds its explanation through two important notions.

The biggest consists of a curse that Shiva would have thrown him, the god of destruction. Indeed, during the creation of the universe, Brahmâ begun an egg from which a goddess in one hundred forms was born, the goddess of the arts and the knowledge.

It is Sarsvati, her daughter. Struck by the beauty of the latter, Brahmâ fell in love with her daughter and began to marry her. Sarasvasti saw in this relationship of incest. So she flees away from her spouse's gaze.


Brahmâ then created as many heads to follow Sarasvati in all her trips. At the end of the account, Brahmâ had five heads, one of whom pointed to the sky, for Sarasvati sought to go up to heaven. Indignant and shocked with this indecent fierce from Brahmâ to his own daughter, Shiva burned him a head And forbids that cults are addressed to Brahmâ's place.

It was then that Brahmâ saw his penance by reciting the 4 Veda and the number of temples dedicated to him is minimal compared to that of the other members of the Trinity. You can find some of these temples to Pushkar and Pondicherry.

On the other hand, Brahmâ had relationships with her daughter and they created Atri, Four Kumaras, Chitragupta, Manu, Nârada, Marichi, Vasishtha, Pulaastya and Daksha.

Brahma painting

The second explanation is the relationship between the Hindu god Brahmâ and men. This explanation is less but not insignificant.

After the creation of the universe, the legend tells that Brahmâ created a god for each element and named Shiva the leader of the gods. So he was took of and almost no longer intervenes with men.

His interventions are summarized to settle the problems of other gods. As a result, Brahmâ arouses men's interest in the quest for solutions. Nevertheless, he has followers called the vedatin.

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The qualifiers of the God Hindu Creator

The qualifiers or epicles of Brahmâ result from its attributes. Thus, it carries different names in the texts and comments that refer to it. You will find among others:

  • Hiranyagarbha : Which means the initial egg, the beginning.
  • Prajapati, which means the master of all that breathes and lives.
  • Britigation which means the grand master, the greatest of the gods.
  • Vi'râj : Which means the brilliant with reference to the golden egg.
  • Aja : Whoever was born by himself.
  • ADIKAVI : He who first has the letters.
  • Svayambhu : generated by himself.
  • Lokesha : The master of the whole universe.

This list is not exhaustive, but all the other names of Brahma refer to his birth and the creation of the world with everything he has.

Brahma gold statue

Brahma in the 21st century

Although very little known, Brahmâ has been able to persist over the years through legends, epic and ritual books. It still persists in the heart of the Vedatin and in the few temples dedicated to it.

More interesting about all this, the Hindu Creator God, God Brahmâ found a place in this century. Yoga, sport and therapy that perpetuates the name of this Hindu god.

Beside his counterpart Shiva represented by the dancer postureThe Hindu Creator God found his place in yoga. There is a practice in this sport called the Brahma Yoga. It is based on the first activity of Brahmâ that is meditation.


It consists of realizing the pranayama (respiratory exercises) and Asanas (corporal exercises). The goal is to awaken you, while removing your stressful thoughts. It allows to connect the body and the mind. Apart from this practice, there is another movement to honor the Hindu God Creator of the Universe.

It's about Brahmâ mudra. It consists of sitting comfortably on your yoga carpet. You can put your meditation cushion so as to support our sleep.

Then you will have to deal with delicacy your head to the right, on the left, down and up. A small music may be useful. Repeat 6 to 8 times. The goal is to relax the tensions of the muscles of your neck.

yoga woman

God Creator Hindu, Brahmâ has self-generated a golden egg. He created the sky, the earth, the other gods, the men before retiring. He now lives in penance For taking his own daughter as a wife.

This also earned him a small number of followers and therefore a unpopularity. However, his name continues in the history of Hindu religion. He even found a place in yoga where a form of practice and a type of movement bear his name.

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