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Tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur le dieu hindou Ganesh

All you need to know about the Hindu god Ganesh

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India's international fame as the country with the most Mythical and legendary divinities is indisputable. India holds this title, not only for the number, but also, for the organization and harmony that reign around these deities.

Lord Ganesh is by far the most invoked divinity. Its history and areas of action stimulate the curiosity of many people.

Ganesh Statue

The birth of Ganesh

In Indian history, the deities fought a demon who ravaged the world. Although they arrived at the end of this obscure being, this one had the time to return the God Shiva widowed.

Seeing the suffering of the latter, the other gods wanted to find a new spouse in Shiva. It is the Parvati goddess that was the second wife of Shiva. With this new partner, Shiva has found taste for existence and could now ensure responsibilities.

Statue Shiva

But one day, an argument broke out between Shiva and Parvati. To calm down, Shiva withdrew into the forest. Days, weeks, months passed and Parvati felt more and more alone. So she rolled in the hollow of her hand of saffron and dew and made a child to keep him company.

He was a young man beautiful and robust that she named Ganesh. He loved his mother with all his mother and protected her against everything.

One day, while Parvati took his bath, Ganesh was holding the front door. It was then that Shiva returns and wants to enter his house, but the young person opposes a fierce resistance. Mad, Shiva cut her head And penetrated in his home. He then asked PARVATI accounts.


Parvati, in tears, told him all the facts. Dismay, Shiva decided Give life in GaneshBut he did not find the head of the handsome young. He went to the search of his head, and on the way he found a dying elephant.

Then he takes the head of the latter to replace that of Ganesh seen the little time available for his survival. It was then that Ganesh is born again with a body of human and an elephant head.

Hence the appellation "elephant god"Attributed to Lord Ganesh. This representation of two different bodies has other interesting subtleties.

Ganesh God elephant

The representation of Lord Ganesh

Ganesh certainly has a big child's body on which a elephant head. It must still notify the presence of four arms and the Broken right defense elephant.

In addition, at the foot of Ganesh, is a rat, Mushika. This representation highlights the power, the intelligence of the elephant complemented by the speed and the malice of the rat.

This complementarity gives Ganesh all his attributions that make it the Indian divinity most invoked.

Ganesh Ancient Statue

Ganesh, the most invoked Hindu god

In most of his performances, Ganesh Door an axe in one of his straight hands. This tool symbolizes the removal of agitation and grief. Ganesh Vehicle So good mood.

His trunk sniffs the smells and anticipates the dangers. By removing obstacles on the way to those who invoke it, Ganesh is the God of prudence, security. This is how it is systematically invoked before any ceremony.

Ganesh Mini Statue

The broken right defense of Ganesh is the symbol of intelligence and wisdom. According to Legend, Ganesh used this defense to transcribe the Mahabharata dictated by Vyasa.

This is why Ganesh is also known as the protector of schools, the god of workers. Going in the same direction, Ganesh wears a garland composed of 50 letters the Sanskrit alphabet and a book, Mahabharata in his lap.

Because of its powers, Ganesh is the deity that has the most appellations in the world.

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The Other Names of God Elephant

There are over a hundred other names attributed to Ganesh. This list is not exhaustive, but it includes the main titles of the god of intelligence.

To praise through prayers, it is called:

  • Balachandra: the moon carrier
  • Dhum Raketu: one whose banner is gray
  • Ekadanta: having a single defense
  • Gaja Kanuka: god with elephant ears
  • Gajanana: one that has an elephant head
  • Ganadhakshya: the god of ganas (gods)
  • Gnathian: the master of ganas (gods)
  • Kapila: the deep red
  • Vikata: the imposing

Ganesh Temple

Highlighting its attributes god of wisdom and education, protecting schools, Ganesh is also known as:

  • Buddhipiya: the knowledge donor
  • Buddhividata: the god of knowledge
  • Kavisha: the master poets
  • Saiva Siddhanta: one that holds the talents
  • Siddhivinayak: the god of success
  • Yogadhipa the god of meditation

There are many other names that show the extent of the powers of the Hindu god.

Ganesh Statue in Gold

Ganesh, a Philosophy for Life

Besides its spiritual dimension, the representation of Lord Ganesh is itself a lesson in life. Indeed, the large head Ganesh encourages men to learn a lot, to think and dream big.

His small eyes show the importance of concentration, rigor and thoroughness. You have to stay focused on your goals. In friendship, Ganesh teaches us to have a good listen with his ears.

Listening to your loved ones, you will help them. The small mouth Ganesh teaches restraint. His big belly teaches men to digest everything, good and evil. Thus, they leave less likely by their emotions.

A great being that solidarity with a rat, that's the whole meaning of humility.

God elephant statue

Ganesha beyond India

Ganesh is not only invoked by all his followers in the world, but has also won many other countries such as Indonesia, Canada and France.

In these countries, an important place was allocated to Lord Ganesh. God of knowledge, it is the symbol of a technical institute in Indonesia.

The religions of the museum shop in Canada named vault of Ganesh. There is a temple dedicated to the worship of God barriers to Paris.

Ganesh Temple Paris

How to pray Lord Ganesha?

Before praying Ganesh, you must stand before one of these representations whether figurine or picture. The steps to follow are:

  • Light a diya, a brass oil lamp.
  • Treat treats as laddus (sweets made with flour), the Modaks (sweet dumplings made from sugar cane, coconut and rice flour)
  • Cover your head with a scarf if you are a woman
  • Burn Dhoop incense sticks as offerings
  • Put a flower garland calotropis around the neck of the statue or the image Recite a mantra (worship) of Ganesh
  • Summon your mind by closing your eyes and visualizing the image of Ganesh
  • Expose your queries to the god Ganesh
  • Apply tilak (red powder) on the forehead of Ganesh, yours and the rest of those who took part in the prayer.

pray for Ganesh

At the end of the prayer, you must provide the soft food to participants. This is most often prasadam. There are also provisions prior to prayer.

You must be lucid and celebrations in honor of Ganesh. A state of Western India celebrates the god Ganesh every year, since India was under English domination.

This is a 10-day party that is part of Maharashtra to become an annual commemoration in several cities.

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