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Tout ce Qu'il Faut Savoir sur le Dieu Vishnu

All you need to know about the Vishnu God

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The Indian spirituality is one of the most organized beliefs in the world. The gods are distributed and classified so that everyone can bring some spiritual comfort to its followers and Indian society in general.

Vishnu is one of these Indian deities whose history and involvement in the spiritual life of its followers are of interest to many people from various origins.


Vishnu's origins

Vishnu Where Vichnou is still called Hari or Padmanabhi. He is the second God of the Hindu divine trinity. It symbolizes the protector of the universe for which Brahma is the creator and Shiva the destroyer.

It must be said that the origin of the worship dedicated to the Vishnu God is quite difficult to identify. In some Indian entities like the VEDES, the Vishnu God is a lesser deity. However, even if divinity is lower, its place is crucial in epics.

God Vishnu Blue

In fact, this Indian God At a mid-European mid-Indian origin. Vishnu would be inspired by Scandinavia with the Vidar God. The main action of this Scandinavian God is to promote the progress by opening the fields using its three steps.

He intervenes on the fields of war to give an advantage to his followers. With the evolution of Indian culture, the importance of this God becomes unavoidable. He will then become a key member of the three members of the Trimurti.

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The Indian God Vishnu: His spiritual essence

In the Indian tradition, Vishnu is simply perceived as the conservative God. The latter is represented by a repository containing a endless snake Called Ananta.

An interpretation of the Indians stipulates that divinity is asleep to better prepare the dream to set up a new life cycle.

It is therefore up to the awakening of the Vishnu God that a new life cycle must be observed, that is to say a new universe in the world of Indian belief. As a result, many aspects of Indian spiritual life are attributed to the Vishnu God. 

Red Vishnu Statue

The attributions of the Vishnu God in the Hindu spiritual world

Vishnu is considered by Indians like Supreme Divinity. Its most common representation is that with four arms and an blue carnation. The Visnu God then holds on this occasion the symbol of life.

The Indians will often talk about Chakra. Not only is the God who holds the cycle of life, but also that of death. We can observe on the representation of this Indian deity a club that symbolizes knowledge.

We can also see on the representation of Vishnu a conch which symbolizes existence. A Lotus flower which symbolizes the universe is also present on this representation of divinity.

Statue God Vishnu

This is not the responsibilities of this Hindu deity here. There are some other symbols also very important. Among others, the Indian God also holds a sacred cord. This cord is made of three sons who actually symbolize the three letters of AUM which means "existence".

Vishnu wears a flower garland around the neck. This is a sign of devotion of Indian believers. Also equipped with a jewel at the chest, Vishnu constantly indicates consciousness, a consciousness that must constantly shine.

Finally, divinity has a Crown which symbolizes its supremacy compared to other gods of Hinduism. A tuft of hair crowns it while indicating that this God is the source of the existence or the natural world. A yellow veil that indicates the four Vedas comes closing the representation of Vishnu.

The Indian spiritual world is quite complex. For the great practitioners of Indian spirituality, you must also highlight the avatars. It is actually the representations or the manifestations of the different gods on the earth. Thus, Vishnu also has his own avatars.

Vishnu avatars

Hindu God Vishnu, many earthly aspects not to neglect

Most often, this Indian deity comes to the rescue of humanity by its materialization on earth. This materialization is generally made by a dozen avatars:

  • The Fish man called in Matsya language;
  • The turtle man called Kurma;
  • The man represented with a boar head called Varaha
  • The man lion
  • a giant dwarf identified by Vamana;
  • the prince of Ayodhya, the hero of Ramayana;
  • The Krishna autonomous divinity, which is the most important representation of the Vishnu God;
  • Rama at the ax indicated by Parashu-Rama;
  • Buddha, which has been integrated into the representation of Vishnu when Buddhism has seen a rise in power;
  • Kalki, who has still had no land appearance. This representation will appear according to Indian culture, once the universe is really in the chasm. Kalki will bring a renaissance.

The Indian God Vishnu also has a nearby descent and family. It would therefore be appropriate to make a brief historic on the family classification of this Hindu god. 

Vishnu statue sitting

Vishnu and his family, a large family of divinities

Vishnu is usually known for having Two wives, a main and the other secondary. The main wife is the goddess of happiness and fortune.

It is often represented all gold, sitting on a lotus flower. This goddess is also the symbol of beauty. The second wife of Vishnu is the goddess of the earth, Bhumi

Vishnu is Kama's father, who is the God of love. Finally, there is garuda, the man bird and also the mount of Vishnu. He is the king of birds and he represents the sun and the wind.

Vishnu and his wife

Indian prayer: devotions to the Vishnu God

To pray the Indian God Vishnu, we must first know the day conducive, the role of intercessor that this divinity plays in Indian life, but also and especially what it can overwhelming or not.

Thus, the divinity of Vishnu receives the prayers especially the day called Ekadashi.For Hindus, it is essential to PRAY VISHNU. In fact, the explanation of the need to pray this God is quite simple.

It is considered the representative of subsistence, but also perseverance, that is to say the God of the supreme reality. It must be invoked especially since by his four arms, he symbolizes the true power and therefore according to the Indian tradition, nothing can make it bend.

Trinity Vishnu

Vishnu's followers generally invokes it by using several other gods or goddesses as is often the case with the goddess of wealth Mahalakshmi.

It is often used for morning prayer. It is a favor to be able to pray so that the latter facilitates the day by its power and its protection.

In India, some demonstrations are made for the purpose of giving thanks to these great gods of Indian culture. These manifestations generally take place in the Temple Saint André.

Also, before having access to the temple to venerate the Vishnu God, it is important to prepare. This requires a good posture, a good clothing and especially a pure body, a healthy mouth that is to say without smoking, chewing gum or anything else of the same style.

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