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Pourquoi prier Hanumân

Why pray Hanumân

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The Monkey God Hanuman is mentioned in the mythology of Ramayana. He was divined for his bravery, his loyalty to his promises, his humility and his honesty. Village divinity loved and venerated throughout India, it is also a village hero. At the same time, many monkeys reign freely in the cities, the villages and houses of India, while being fed by its inhabitants.Hanuman God Wall

Hanuman's awareness

One day, a nice be heavenly, a young Apsara, received a blessing of Brahma. When she learned, she began to cry, confessing that she had been cursed by Brhaspati in her younger years.

One day, while she was walking at the edge of a lake, she noticed a seated monkey in the Lotus position, as a human. This amusa, but she gave him a fruit according to the custom. But this monkey was actually a wise man who made penance ...

The virgin, furious and enraged sage to be cursed, gave him a curse who condemned her to be reborn in the form of a monkey and imposed her asceticism in order to ensure the sustainability of her lineage. At his feet, she implored her forgiveness, and the sage softens the curse by allowing him to change shape every time she returned woman during this new existence.

To allow a rapid propagation of Anjan, Brahma reborn the APSARA in the form of a monkey in a great troupe of monkeys which was known as Anjan. She married Kesari, a powerful king. They lived happy on Mount Sumeru for many years. However, she remained sterile ... After that, she chooses to practice a severe asceticism, which demanded as much courage as self-sacrifice.

It was then that a Rishi passing through his house motioned him. The Rishi advised him to make a pilgrimage to the Mountain of Shiva, to prostrate before the Lord Venkateshvara, to swim in the sacred water and drink; She also had to pray Vayu, the invincible god of the wind. She will then have an invincible and eternal son.

After being inspired by the Sage, she followed her instructions. When the sun entered the ram, Shiva appeared to him, proving to him that because of the power of this asceticism, his greatest desire would be immediately answered: not only would she have a child, but he would be brave and renowned for his exploits.

His name Fit Hanumân.

Hanuman Blue Statue

What are the attributes of Hanumân

It stands out for its bravery, humility and modesty. If his face and long tail are those of a monkey, his muscular body is that of a human being. He is eternal insofar as he can occasionally appear to his disciples as he was before Tulsidas. It also has an astonishing understanding of the intellectual and spiritual meaning of the sacred texts.

How is Hanumân represent?

It is usually represented standing or kneeling, opening the chest with his claws to reveal the secret of his heart, which contains Rama and Sita. He executes the mudra of protection (facing Ram, Sita and Lakshmana) or stands up or kneel in a devotion posture.

He is the third son of Vrihaspati, known as Draupadi's brother. He was born with six arms and has the ability to fly in the air thanks to his father who is Vayu, God of the wind. He has five heads, four of whom are lion heads.

What day do you pray to Hanumân?

Hanumân is a brave, loyal, devoted and chaste hero (because he remained single). It is usually at the threshold of the house to defend it against the intruders and give to its inhabitants the strength to confront the outside world. Hanumân is commonly requested on Tuesdays and Saturdays, but especially on Thursday when Hanumân Jayantî is celebrated. It is then necessary to mump its magic formulas.

The agreement that uni Hanumân and Sani

After fire to the city, he entered the residence of the king and heard Shani - the damned star - Shout: "Save me." Shani was chained by the feet and hanging on a hook. When Hanumân asked him why he had been imprisoned in that state, Shani recognized that it was Ravana who tied up after breaking him the two feet because he thought his power would be harmful to his son.

The last chapter of this book concerns how Shani, the SATURNE planet, and the healing work of Selassie Hailé has crossed. To show her her gratitude, Shani raised her prohibition on the worshipers who prayed on Saturday - Saturn Day - now exempting them from the pain he caused and releasing them from her adverse effects.

How to thank Hanumân?

On the bridge is a cylindrical basket with deep blue walls and black filling, where fruits and vegetables are placed. Every day, on Tuesday or Saturday, rice, flowers and red fruits are offered (apples, oranges, etc.), unrefined cane sugar, saffron, red sandalwood, honey and from Jasmine oil. She is dressed in a crimson dress after being bathed in a combination of jasmine oil and vermilion.

Hanuman Statue

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