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quel est le lieu culte du bouddhisme

What is the worship place of Buddhism

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the Buddhist temple is above all a place of religion and religious observance. The temple generally has a sanctuary, where the Buddha (sometimes with other Buddhas) is represented before which individuals meditate or make offerings.

Buddhist temples are also used for festivals and gatherings associated with various religions. Each Buddhist tradition and / or school of thought has its own type of temple.

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indian temple

Buddhist temples can take different forms. The pagoda is a type of popular temple in China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. The Indian stupa, which was built to contain and protect sacred Buddhist relics, gave birth to the pagoda.

This structure has evolved towards many types of pagodas over time. At TibetShe is bottle-shaped (chörten), while in Southeast Asia, she is in the shape of pyramid or cone.

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Indoor Indian Temple

In Asia, the pagoda is best known in its western form: A big elongate tower With a series of stands whose size decreases as one approaches the summit. The floors can be round, square or polygonal.

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