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Qui Était Siddhartha Gautama

Who was Siddhartha Gautama

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In Europe, few people know the Buddha. People often acquire a statue for its aesthetic value rather than for its historical significance. Allow me to remind you that it's a big mistake!

I will tellThe story of Buddha Through his youth, his renaissance, his personality, and the lessons to draw.

Global presentation of Buddha

Siddhartha Gautama Shakyamuni Has lived in 566 BC in northern India, which corresponds roughly to the period covered by the Vedas.

He was born in a royal family. His father, Sudhodana, reigned over the Kingdom Sakya, and his mother was Queen Maya. Nelling himself the awake, many Buddhists see his life in four components:

  • His birth ;
  • His awakening;
  • His first preaching;
  • His complete disappearance (in other words, his death).

Buddha's face

The birth and life of Gautama


It is said that he was born in Limbin, on the road to Kapilavatsu (a small town near the border between India and Nepal) in 566 before Christ. The story of his design is quite unique; It is described as the result of a dream of his mother. Indeed, the archives argue that Queen Maya dreamed that she was penetrated

The queen would be dead a week later, and the child would have been entrusted to her sister and co-owner Mahaprajapati Gautami.



The illumination of the Buddha has been reached only thanks to its own efforts, which makes it so remarkable and exceptional. He encouraged everyone to follow his traces, one step after the other, in order to reach Nirvana thanks to his teachings. Several texts suggest that the Buddha had its first meditation experience and reached the first degree of Jhana (concentration state) during a ritual

At the age of 16, he married Yaśodhara, the princess of Magadha. Rāhula was his son. Since her first years until her death at the age of 29, Buddha has devoted himself to training to draw the arc as a real Kstryya (caste of warriors). He had to stay away.

He values ​​his life, but he is quickly confronted with the hardness and anguish of humanity in four separate situations, we discover in more detail as part of its teachings.

Buddha statue


We do not talk as much death as a complete or definitive disappearance. Although dates are estimable, it is believed that he died in northern India at the age of 80 years. According to legend, he would have made his last breath as he lay on his right side and meditating happily.

These last words were:

"All constructive energies are ephemeral; work efficiently and without slowing you down, be resolved in your goal, keep an eye on your thoughts!"

Teachings that Buddha we Léguer

This is why it is so important to understand and recognize the phases that lead to enlightenment. This is why the Buddha has spent nearly 45 years teaching to men and women of all social strata of society.

Buddha said that he never relied on his words, but rather put them to the test.

"Do not follow my instructions, after having examined thoroughly. If you gave a gold nugget, you certainly inspecteriez to see if it really is golden. Do the same with my teachings to verify their validity and adopt them. "

The Buddha Gautama Buddha was a dissatisfied man who has made four important meetings. These are the basic teachings of Buddhism.

Buddha Lotus Statue


He had previously resided in its magnificent castle, and it is only later that he met an old man riding a chariot. When asked what it was, the driver replied. "It is an old man"

He decided to hang himself after having heard the old man explained his frailty and whether he too would one day like this. He was aware of the passage of time and the suffering of the body due to age when he has heard the old man complain.

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Gautama realized that all humans are likely to get sick, and could himself be affected at any time. The suffering of the body was an illustration of the fact that it did not depend on time.


As he passed a road corpse to the place of cremation, he wondered what it was and he would know one day the same fate. Of course, he was informed that death would come for him too.

Buddha statue that prays


In India, a sadhu is a holy man. Buddha had this vision and thought he would thus find an answer to his problems. This hermit showed him wisdom. He decided to leave his wife, his child and his kingdom to pursue knowledge and become an ascetic looking on responses to the 4th vision

He decided to follow another path: meditation. He traveled in parts of India for six years, studying with prominent religious figures and submitting to severe ascetic routines before realizing that, despite his best efforts, he still did not understand the world better.

He sat on the edge of the river and vowed not to rise before being "awake" He devoted all his time to meditation and mind control. Then one day, enlightenment appeared to him: the final Awakening had finally arrived!

Awakening the Buddha

The illumination of wisdom and compassion is complete. The Buddha manifested through this condition. It is at this time that Gautama Buddha became Buddha. He had a strong desire to communicate his feelings to the world by teaching all what he had discovered.

At the age of 35, the Buddha understood this enlightenment, and he wanted to teach for almost 45 years later. According to him, this awareness should always be above human understanding and available to all at any time. Buddhism is a recognized spiritual tradition founded by the Indian prince became Buddha.

Child in front of statue Buddha

Personality and Physical Buddha


The collection of stories reveals several common features:

  • If one does not know much about this character, however it is known that it is a great and effective teacher feels that the ideal message to deliver to his students.
  • A courageous person at any time;
  • a man who knows what he does and who master a wide range of topics.


Gautam Buddha is generally represented as a robust form. His skin is golden, her eyes are blue and his ears are elongated to an unusual degree. Thus we conclude our first look at the Buddha. I hope you enjoyed this test. Feel free to leave me your comments or questions on this topic if you have.


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