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Tout Savoir sur les Tatouages Bouddhistes

All about Buddhist tattoos

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In this guide to Buddhist tattoos, we examine history, legality, symbols and inspiring imaging of Buddha tattoo patterns.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčbeing tattooned a Buddha arouses many discussions. If some see a sign of devotion, others see a blasphemy there. Of course, these are mainly cultural differences, but it is extremely important to keep these contrasts in mind to strengthen Buddha's teachings with respect.

In this article on Buddha tattoos, we will not only give you a brief introduction to Buddhism, but also examine the legality, controversy and cultural importance of Buddha representations.

In addition, we gathered some of the best models of Buddha tattoos to inspire you!

Deco Buddha

Why Buddhism and Buddha Tattoos?

Buddha's teachings are widespread. And there are many reasons why so many people are resonant with the life he has led and the lessons he has taught.

the Buddhism Perhaps has been divided into many different sects over the centuries, but its foundations are significantly the same: The four noble truths.

These four truths recognize the undeniable existence of suffering, but they also bring relief to this suffering ... and not just yours, but that of everyone.

Buddha tattoo before arms.   Black and white Buddha tattoo.   Tattoo Buddha Main


The key to freeing oneself from the innate pain is the noble path octuple: a practice that includes compassion, meditation, mindfulness, gift and other common traits that have a powerful effect, as well as positive, on the world .

Beyond the wonderful Buddha's advice to live a more fulfilling life, he also taught us that all sensitive beings have what is called the "TathńĀgagarbha": The nature of inherent Buddha. This means that everyone already has enlightenment in him ... It only remains to discover it.

Tattoo Buddha Head Front Arms.   Buddha hand tattoo and orange flower.   Lotus Buddha Flower Tattoo

Buddhism is, at the base, beautifully inclusive ... and it's all these things, and many others, who inspired so many people to follow his path or illustrate their skin With representations of him, whether it is a small tattoo of Buddha or a Buddha symbol tattoo.

Believe me, there are many ways to show your love ... and the ink is only one of them that can be highly transformative if it is done in a pure heart.

If you like tattoos and the character of Buddha, you will surely appreciate our article that returns in depth on the Buddha tattoo.

Tattoo Buddha Head.   Colorful Buddha Tattoo    Tattoo Buddha Manga

What is the meaning of Buddha tattoo?

The meaning of a Buddha tattoo is usually linked to love and devotion for Buddhist practice. Just like the tattoo of a cross or a rosary, the Buddha tattoo indicates that the person is serious in his faith and wants to show it on his skin.

However, some people simply like the aesthetics of Buddhist culture, which may not be the right reason to get a Buddha tattoo, as we explain below.

Buddha's head tattoo

Are Buddha tattoos shocking?

A Buddha tattoo can be offensive For some people in various cultures, especially those who place Buddhism at the heart of their religious system or values.

The teachings of Buddha, and its representations, are considered as deeply sacred and saints. They deserve respect, especially because they are not intended to be simply decorative or ornamental.

Buddhist tattoo    Buddha Buddha Tattoo.   Tattoo Buddha Dead   

Is it a lack of respect to have a Buddha tattoo?

Yes, this can be disrespectful. Yoni Zilber, a tattooler specializing in Tibetan art, explains: "The images of the Buddha and the Tibetan mantras are very sacred and must be respected. It is customary to hang the images of the Buddha at the highest place of Your house, and treat them with respect.

If you put them on your body, especially on a lower part, this can be considered extremely disrespectful. You sit on the toilet with this part of the body and you put it on the sand at the beach. The Buddha is not supposed to end up in places as inappropriate. "

Buddhist tattoo monster.   Buddhist tattoo complete whole body.   Buddhist tattoo whole back

Can Buddhist monks be tattooed?

Yes, Buddhist monks can be tattooed! The most famous example is probably that of the monks of the Wat Bang Phra.

The Buddhist monks of this Thailand-based temple practice the sacred art of the Sak Tattoo. But, believe it or not, there are many different monks who are also tattooed.

Buddhist monk tattooed arms.   Tattooed Buddhist Monk.   Buddhist monk tattooed body

Alexander Reinkealso known as Horikitsune, is a Irezumi tattoo competent who was ordered Zen monk in 2011.

Josh KordaAlthough he has chosen not to be an orderly monk, is tattooed from the top of the head to the feet, and it is extremely important for the contemporary Buddhist community of the United States.

They are both excellent examples of many Europeans and Westerners who have adopted the Buddhist path as well as tattoos .... But that means they have training, and an appropriate understanding, to get tattoo drawings that are respectful and honorable.

Buddhist monks getting tattooed

Are Buddha tattoos illegal in Thailand and other Buddhist countries?

Technically, no. Buddha tattoos are not illegal in Thailand or Sri Lanka. But they are seriously disapproved, and Thailand, as well as Sri Lanka, have asked for their prohibition.

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is another country where these tattoos are not acceptable. They consider Buddha tattoos not only as cultural ownership, but also like a lack of respect for their religious values, their icons and their history.

Buddha decoration

Can we be stopped if we have a Buddha tattoo?

Yes, you can be stopped in some areas if you have a Buddha tattoo. In an article by Mark Hay for Tricycle Magazine, he gives some examples: "In 2013 and 2014, respectively, Sri Lanka has forced out The British tourists Anthony Ratcliffe and Naomi Coleman, who both had Buddhist tattoos on the arm.

In August 2015, 15 state officials have stopped Jason Polley, a Canadian tourist, and his girlfriend, Margaret Lam, in their hostel in Myanmar after pictures of Polley Buddhist tattoos became viral. "

 Buddhist tattoo vase.   Buddhist fire tattoo fire.   Buddhist tattoo calf

What are the most acceptable body parts for a Buddha tattoo?

The most acceptable body parts for a Buddha tattoo are those located above the size.

Should I cover my Buddha tattoo when I travel to Buddhist countries?

Yes, you must absolutely cover your Buddha tattoo when traveling to Buddhist countries. It's a sign of respect And that will avoid you to attract unnecessary trouble during your stay.

Buddhist tattoo back of the head.   Buddhist tattoo Chat and Buddha.   Buddhist tattoo indoor mouth puck

Why is it bad to get a Buddha tattoo?

To be tattooned a Buddha can be bad if it is not done in a respectful way or with a pure heart. Some people who consider these beliefs like sacred see cultural appropriation or simply a blasphemy.

Buddhist tattoo complete body Buddha.   Buddhist tattoo head and vase.   Buddhist tattoo back woman

Others argue that since Buddhism is a "universal belief system", or Buddhism embraces the non-attachment and the integral smugness and fugacy of all things, imaging does not really matter.

But, regardless of your belief, if your tattoo causes pain to other people, then it can go against Buddhist values. In short, your choice based on the ego to do something you know specifically can hurt the other emotionally, can reverse a piece you wanted beautiful.

Buddhist tattoo statue.   Buddhist tattoo signs on the fingers of the hand.   Buddhist tattoo hand with eye

What can I get instead of a Buddha tattoo?

Instead of a Buddha tattoo, you can tattoo many Buddhist symbols which are also very significant and indicate your devotion or beliefs.

Much of Buddhist art is absolutely beautiful. If you are in New York, do not miss to visit the Rubin Museum of Art. You can also consult books like those of Robert Beer or Dagyab rinpoche. But you can also create your own meaningful symbols and drawings!

Buddhist tattoo mountain symbol.   Buddhist tattoo symbol head of death palm hand.   Buddhist tattoo symbol two hands

Buddhism is a personal journey For each one of us ... For one, the vision of a motionless lake reflecting the sky perfectly represents its Zen practice. For others, an endless knot can merge their Irish and Buddhist stories. Or maybe a motorcycle wheel can be a tribute to your love of motorcycles and Dharmachakra.

Buddhism is to be authentic, Pure, open ... so what does this mean for you and your personal visual language? If you do not know, play with! Create it!

Buddhist Tattoo Hand Language Hand Symbol.   Buddhist tattoo dead symbol.   Buddhist tattoo hand symbol

Be spontaneous and have fun with. It is also very useful to find an artist who knows and can help you find a Buddhist tattoo with a single meaning, just for you.

Buddha tattoo design ideas correctly placed

Buddha tattoo sleeve

A sleeve tattoo Buddha involves the whole arm and is a great way to show people that you are truly dedicated to your path. It is also an excellent opportunity to include many different symbols of Buddhism.

Buddhist tattoo handle

Rear Buddha tattoo

Although you can not see yourself, consider a tattoo back Buddha as a way to carry with you in a very special place!

Buddhist tattoo back

Buddha tattoo on forearm

Similar to a tattoo sleeve of Buddha, an investment Tattoo Buddha's forearm is great because if you want this piece is a permanent reminder to keep the Buddhist path, he will always be there to guide you.

Buddhist tattoo before arms

Buddha tattoo arm

The chest is the best place to put a Buddha tattoo in general, especially because it means that you can easily cover it if you are with someone you do not want to annoy!

The upper arm is best, but any place torso is a good place.

Buddhist tattoo arm

Buddha tattoo on chest

Many people choose to get a tattoo of a Buddha Chest because this placement is closest to the heart. You'll see it every day, just like other people you choose to show your room.

Buddhist chest tattoo

Popular Types of Buddha tattoos

Here are some Buddha tattoos ideas that can help you find something with which you feel comfortable. Many people get tattoos that stuff to remember the path they have chosen and their devotion to a lifestyle so loving and so compassionate!

Buddhist tattoo little Buddha.   Buddhist Buddha Tattoo Realistic.   Buddhist tattoo Buddha and snake

Tattoo of a Buddhist symbol

A tattoo Buddhist symbol is the perfect solution if, after reading all the above, you would demonstrate your devotion to the Buddhist path, but you are afraid to hurt or disrespect values ‚Äč‚Äčand the others culture.

Moreover, even if you are not worried about it, there are so many beautiful Buddhist symbols! The most popular are perhaps: the om symbol, prayer wheel, conch, the banner of victory, the treasure vase, the parasol, the Wheel of Dharma, the endless knot, lotus, stupas and the triratna.

 Tattoo Buddhist symbol torso.   Tattoo Buddhist Symbol Temple.   Tattoo Buddhist Symbol Wave

Tattoo hand of Buddha

Also known as the "Buddha hand tattoo"People usually try to get a tattoo a hand of Buddha in a particular mudra, a hand gesture. There mudras that are used for meditation, education, empowerment, balance, etc.

Hand and pink Buddhist tattoo.   Buddhist tattoo hand blue and arrow.   Buddhist tattoo hand flame

Gros Buddha Tattoo

The story is funny but the tattoo big Buddha Buddha is not really! This is a highly revered monk named Chinese Budai. For many people who praise or worship, belly fat represents abundance and contentment.

Big Buddha back tattoo

Tattoo laughing Buddha

Many tattoos laughing Buddha are not the Buddha but Budai. However, this does not prevent you from loving him! His smile was intended to attract people and to show that Buddhists are of shapes, sizes, personalities and very different backgrounds.

A merry Buddha tattoo, laughing is a great way to break the stereotype that Buddhists are ultra serious and is not fun!

Buddha rieur tattoo

Gautama Buddha tattoo

a Buddha Gautama Tattoo Refers to a version of the historically exact name of Buddha: SiddhńĀrtha Gautama. Almost all Buddha tattoos represent a tattoo of Gautama Buddha ... because it's his name!

But if you want to know more, consult the Herman Hesse Siddhartha book or the Osamu Tezuka thrilling manga series.

Buddha Gautama tattoo

Buddha elephant tattoo

Many people, when they ask for a Buddha elephant tattoo, talk about Divinity Ganesha. His worship extends to Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

It is known for lifting obstacles, being an intellectual and a protector of the arts! There are many festivals that celebrate it, like Ganesha Chaturthi.

Buddha Tattoo Elephant Ganesh

Female Buddha Tattoo

There are many Buddhist divinities that make magnificent tattoos of Female buddha. Guanyin, sometimes called Kuan Yin, is the Buddhist bodhisattva that represents compassion.

The same goes for Tara, Tibetan Bodhisattva which is also associated with compassion. Tara exists in fact in different colors, like green, red, black and white. Each hue reflects a different shape and the meanings that flow from it.

Woman Buddha Tattoo

Buddha Lotus Tattoo

A tattoo of Lotus of Buddha is a really beautiful symbol in Buddhist iconography. Do you remember that we talked about the Nature of Buddha of every sensitive being?

The lotus flower partly symbolizes the trip to the discovery of this inherent quality. Although she emerges from mud, lotus flower shows no sign of the dirt that previously covered her beautiful bulb.

Tattoo Buddha Lotus

Tattoo of the Buddha's head

A simple portrait, like a Buddha's head tattoo, is a direct way to demonstrate your faith in Buddhism. Like many people are made portraits of their loved ones, you will show your devotion and attention for this sacred icon.

About this little top node that you see on the Buddha head? It's not his hair or snails that take a nap. It is its "Ushnisha protuberance", which historically symbolizes both a crown and powerful illumination.

Buddha Head Tattoo

Buddha Mandala Tattoo

a Buddha Mandala Tattoo Famous not only Buddhism, but also the sacred geometry ... that we find in the Buddhist symbols of the conch and the eternal knot! Mandala is also a sacred motif that can mean fullness, balance and even connectivity circles.

Tattoo Buddha Mandala

Simple tattoo of Buddha

a Simple Buddha Tattoo Can mean finding a tattoo that makes Fineline or tiny tattoos. Of course, your room does not need to be large or complex to mean something important.

The great things come in small packets is perhaps a little shot, but it's definitely true! A small tattoo of Buddha can be a reminder and a very strong and powerful symbol. Just make sure it really resonates in you. That's what is most important.

Simple Buddha Tattoo

Zen Buddhist Tattoos

Believe it or not, even if the Zen Buddhism May seem to be a very stoical way of life from the outside, it is full of many forms of different art.

From the tea ceremony to the paint on silk and roller, passing through pottery and wooden blocks, Zen philosophy permeates the daily life of full consciousness and meditation ... Even when creating works d Art like those of Zen Buddhist tattoos.

The most emblematic is undoubtedly enso, which is a black ink circle created in a moment of reflection, but also spontaneity.

Tattoo Buddha Zen

Thai Buddha Tattoo

a Thai Buddha Tattoo Will probably be realized in the traditional artistic style of Thai art.

However, keep in mind that a Buddha tattoo would be poorly seen in Thailand, and maybe you should turn to Sacred Sak Yant tattoos or, better yet, to other symbols and Thai divinities that would be less detrimental to their culture.

Thai Buddha Tattoo

Buddha's eyes tattoo

One of my favorites, the Buddha's eyes tattoo is a very strong reminder of the need to maintain the course. Symbolizing insight, these eyes see inside and out, covering our world and spiritual worlds. It can also mean seeing light through darkness.

When I started practicing Buddhism, I had a Buddha's eye on my major to remember not to let me go to anger or unthinking actions. It's funny, but it really helped me! This is the power of these pieces.

Buddha's eyes tattoo. Colorful Buddha Eye Tattoo.   Tattoo Eye of Buddha palm of the hand  

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