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Le Bindi Indien

The Indian Bindi

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History and Meaning of Bindi

The Indian bindi is a traditional sign worn on the head by women. This is in its most basic form of a red dot, placed between the two eyebrows, on the front thereof.

If you are not familiar with the term "bindi" I'm sure you've at least seen. This is a point on the forehead, between the eyebrows, which is of great importance for South Asians.

Sometimes people have the will to "make up" at a festival, but there is a rich cultural history behind this product from India. The tilak is a symbol that has an important meaning, more than just a fad like many people do believe.

black bindi

The term "bindi" comes from the Sanskrit word "bindu"Which means" point ". Traditionally worn as a roundabout on the front, it has Hindu origins often associated with fine religious or to marital status a woman's. The red bindis symbolize marriage, so when women were widowed, they often changed their color to black.

These were very worn by models during Hindu Bollywood films, or for photo shoots.

The Bindi and Third Eye

The roundabout is also considered a "third eye"On the forehead, between the eyebrows, which removes bad luck. The third eye in Hinduism is not to see the world as the other two, but rather to establish a connection with God.

It will keep God in the forefront of our minds and our thoughts. Hindus believe that there seven chakras, Energy points in the body to be aligned, and the bindi is positioned where the sixth should be.

7 chakras colors

The Bindi and Religion

Bindis carry a very strong history in India, with implications cultural and religious for millions of people, which should not be neglected in favor of fashion trends.

Celebrities who have worn these, for example, were commended for their character "exotic" or "unique", but also accused of cultural appropriation.

This leads us to ask whether non-originating celebrities in South Asia should be allowed to benefit from a religious symbol from Indian culture. Anyway, bindis should always be worn enjoying the colorful and spiritual culture of India.

red bindi

Meaning of Colors & Bindis Tilaks

There are several colors of bindis, each associated with a particular event or a stage of life.

Today's forehead jewel is increasingly used as an accessory to the world and loses its important traditional significance over the decades.

This traditionally worn on the face accessory is also used by men as the Tilak.

Its role is extremely important in Indian society, it establishes what social class belongs each individual. It is also used during prayers and other religious ceremonies.

  • the red bindi means that the woman wearing it is married
  • the black bindi means that the woman is a widow following a tragic loss
  • Other colors are worn by young girls, free to use one she wants
  • the white tilak carried by Priests (Brahmans) is a sign of purity
  • the red tilak worn by warriors and kings (khatriyas) is sign value
  • the yellow tilak worn by businessmen (vaishyas)is a sign of prosperity
  • the black tilak worn by servants (Sudras) is a sign of dedication and service

woman on the beach wearing a bindi

The Indian face stickers are perfect to accompany Indian jewelry such as a necklace mala and all kinds of pendants, a ring, a bracelet, earrings, tiara a Hindu or an Indian pin and all kinds of ethnic ornaments.

Whether precious stone like diamond, ruby ​​or white gold, or rather they are made of semi-precious stones, the bindi you wear will highlight each of your costume jewelry!

Bindi Is it Always Worn Today?

Yes ! Although the red dot will once was a round, often turmeric, many South Asians now prefer to wear a precious stone or something similar.

In general, women wear bindis, but men can also wear if they wish, especially for religious practices where the celebration.

Nowadays, people generally wear tilaks go with their outfit, while in the past, the choice was much smaller and was generally limited to the red dot.

It is also part of the indisputable details in films Bollywood and all Indian models bear in shootings Pictures !

woman wearing a bindi and scarf

There are also a variety of reasons, including whirlpools, finery and shapes instead of the perfect circle. These growing trends in South Asia and among Indians living in the world.

It is important to understand and question the prevalence of bindis in Western culture. Many people carry them without understanding the cultural meaning that underlies them, and claim as fashion statements.

Bindi Wear can improve your health

The bindi does not cover a part of the harmless body, in fact the area between the eyebrowsis part of the hub caused human body. Apply to the jewelry area stimulates the body's energy.

Traditionally made in sandalwoodAnd colored with spices like turmeric where the saffronWe suspect this jewel in front of not having been placed there by chance in history!

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bindi black and white picture

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