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Comment Faire la Danse du Ventre

How To Belly Dance

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How To Belly Dance

Practicing belly dancingIt can take many forms as you wish.

Indeed, you can like all sports practice at home by himself with tutorials from the internet, or dig about registering in a dance club near you.

In addition to the choice of learning, it is possible to practice several different oriental dances with various accessories and lenses.

At the end of this article you will have a nice overview of what is done in the field of belly dance !

belly belly dancer 

How to Learn Belly Dance?

As we said above, several options are available to you. For the curious who just want to try the thing, a video on Youtube or written tutorial might just do the trick ..

Here is an example Quick tutorial proposed by easy minute, what test the activity and take the measure of your passion for it.

Alternatively, if you prefer to refer to a narrative explanation, such as that of wikihow that explains how to make oriental dance in 9 steps!

How to Make Waves with his belly?

Creating a wave with your belly is made through the rectus abdominis muscle. For this exercise, you will use successively the upper and lower parts of the muscle.

The challenge is to identify these two different parts, and control so separate. With one hand on your stomach, try to contract once the top one, and once the bottom.

This exercise is difficult, you need to arm yourself with patience and perseverance!

You'll understand once you've managed to contract isolated one way and the other, you simply repeat loop these contractions to create a wave with your stomach!

The Belly Dance by Shakira

Star planet, loved by a wide audience, Shakira is a singer dancing a lot during his concerts. She greatly popularized belly dancing by practicing in front of millions of people around the world.

If you want to try to emulate your idol, we recommend the video of Shiraz Dance, which offers a course dedicated to belly dance like Shakira!

TheAccessories for Belly Dance

The Oriental danceLike many other dances and sport, is often accompanied by accessories.

It is thought primarily to the skirt, to dresses and belly dance belt but we will discover that there are many accessories that you would not have dreamed existed!

The Belly Dance with scarf

Element best known and most used of oriental dance accessories, the scarf is popular in the practice of belly dancing. Often very fine, transparent and colorful, this door just above the lips and perfectly complements the traditional outfit.

The Belly Dance with Veil

the Bellydance veil is a long pieces of fabric, very fine and often transparent held in the hands and stretches. During the circulation of movements with your belly shake this veil over your head is a real visual asset to the quality of your performance.

The Belly Dance with cane (or stick)

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, it is with an extract of the chain youtube Melanie Baladi that we present the very steamy belly dance with cane.

The Belly Dance with Saber

Surely one of the most impressive drifts of the eastern dance with accessory, the objective of the belly dance with saber Is crazy: to make him hold in balance on his head while continuing to dance!

Extremely difficult practice, it requires a real energy investment and a very prolonged training time.

If you too want to start today to practice belly dance, do not hesitate to offer you a pretty Oriental dance belt, the most basic element to start 💃

Oriental dance belt

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