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Weight loss bracelet

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Weight Loss Bracelet

Summer approach and want to optimize the speed of your weight loss? Decrease your fat fat faster by wearing the Weight loss bracelet During your sports sessions!

How does the bracelet act on weight loss?

Thanks to the natural stones that compose it, the weight loss bracelet allows you to act on several essential points of a diet:

  • It helps you decrease portions of your meals
  • It helps your metabolism naturally eliminate more fats
  • It gives you energy and motivation every day and pushes you to training

Woman diet slimming bracelet

The virtues of apatite

Pierre mainly used in losing weight loss in lithotherapy, Apatite has two active effects.

Natural hunger cutter

The natural stone known as Apatite is perfect for helping you mentally keep your regimes. Indeed, it acts effectively as a hunger Natural and it will thus reduce your untimely numbers!

A fat burner

Throughout the day, the metabolism of the human body is in operation and it maintains its vital functions in awakening (breathing, heart etc.). On average, this figure revolves around 1400 calories a day. But thanks to its vibratory frequencies, Apatite helps you increase this number and helps you to lose more fat !

Features of the bracelet:

  • Weight loss bracelet
  • Wrist adjustable
  • Pearl size: 8mm
  • Weight: 18 g
  • Unique size
  • Delivery is free