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The story of Buddha

ShakyamuniAlso known as the "enlightened" Buddha, was a meditation master who lived about 2500 years ago in India. Siddhartha Gautama was born in Lumbini, Nepal, and was called the one who would reach his goal. It is said that his life has featured many miracles and events.

After the father of Yashordhara Typeted to save him from suffering and human difficulties, he married it and gave birth to "Rahula", which is considered the reincarnation of Buddha.

The four meetings (old age, illness, death and birth) are the initial events of his life, called the four meetings. To find the source of the suffering of man and his cure, he abandons his role as prince, spouse and parent in order to pursue his goal.

Statues Buddha Gold

He could not find the answer in religious teaching or in her wandering existence, when he subjected to harsh mortifications that almost killed him. It is frail, and a young villager offers a bowl of rice; When his forces come back, he extends under a pipal tree (Ficus Religiosa) and ... goes away.

He woke up at the end of the night, having realized the illumination and became the Buddha, the illuminated. The name of Bodh Gaya was given at this location, as well as the Bodhi tree. He then started sharing his knowledge with other people in a variety of ways.

After his death, he formed a community of monks and Buddhist nuns (Le Sangha) to transmit his teachings. It is thought that the Buddha died in the 400s before Christ.

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Does Buddha really existed?

It is possible that Siddhartha Gautama, the Futur Buddha, became a prince as his father. He chose to continue awakening rather than becoming a king. It is conceivable that the "awake" has existed and died for this reason alone.

The Buddha is the only one of these three individuals to have left no written. Each of these three people has revolutionized humanity by speech, and this in various ways. The scholars have long been interested in the transmission of their words. Is she trustworthy? Are the statements attributed to them authentic?

Child in front of Buddha statue

With the Buddha, the story becomes more obscure. In truth, it's much more difficult. There are a lot of books, numerous and bulky, which all claim, wrongly or wrongly, to be its direct oral heritage.

Hundreds of sutras and texts are used in this way: "As it was told ..." The words of the disciples - listeners who listened to his lectures and his speeches of his lifetime - are mentioned in hundreds of Sutras and texts.

They are numerous since the Buddha is deemed to have preached, dialogue, responded and taught for more than forty years during his trip along the Ganges Valley. This prolonged pilgrimage takes place between his "awakening" (bodhi in Sanskrit) and his death at the age of 80 or more.

Who was Siddharta Gautama?

The birth of Siddharta Gautama

His place of birth is disputed; It is said that he was born on the road to Kapilavatsu (a small town near the border between India and Nepal) in 566 before Christ. Its design is remarkable to the extent that it has been caused by a dream of his mother. Queen Maya died a week later, and the infant would have been ..

The life of Siddharta Gautama

The illumination of the Buddha has been the result of its own efforts, which makes it unique and remarkable. His teachings encouraged everyone to follow his traces and work step by step towards the Nirvana by meditation. According to several texts, during a ceremony, the Buddha reached the first level of Jhana (concentration state).

Buddha married yaśodhara, the princess of Magadha, while he was 16 years old. His son was Rāhula. Buddha trained for ten years in order to be able to draw the arc as a real Kstryya (caste of warriors). He had no choice but from T

He loves his existence, but it is soon confronted with the hardness and suffering of humanity in four distinct circumstances that we will discover in his teachings.

Buddha statue

The death of Siddharta Gautama

It is less question of death than a total or ultimate death. Although dates are approximate, it is assumed that he died in northern India at the age of 80. According to the legend, he would have died in meditating peacefully on his right side.

These last words were:

"Be diligent and productive; be close in your goal; keep an eye on your thoughts! All the useful energies are fleeting; works methodically and without stopping; be close in your goal.

The best buddha quotes

the Buddhism is one of the oldest beliefs in the world. His spiritual leader, Buddha, left instructions to Buddhists and others in his last years.

The words of Buddha have become a source of inspiration and education for many people. You will discover in this post its greatest quotes, which can serve you as motivation in your daily activities.

Buddha statue

"He who is the master of himself is greater than the one who is the master of the world"

This declaration of the Buddha deals with how each person must take his life in hand and move forward without taking into account the judgments of others. If he arrives at this stage of his life, he will be master of himself while treating the others in a typical way.

"There is nothing constant, if not change"

According to the Buddha, everything in this life is subject to change and will continue to be at an ever faster pace. The man must constantly change under the effect of external and internal factors. In addition, our lives are in constant motion; people go and come .....

Lotus Flower Buddha

"You alone is your own master. It's about you that the effort must come "

According to this assertion, chance does not exist in reality. All that happens to you is the fruit of your own will. You do not depend on anyone other than the grace of God and yourself. Therefore, all the problems must be solved only by you because

"The gift of truth is a donation that surpasses all others"

It is simple to have peace of mind when you are honest. It is a pure act that will transform you into a wise person. For Buddha, the highest degree of humanity was the truth. Aspire to this level in your life would be about devoting your soul to a peaceful existence.

Buddha universe

"Douce everything and especially what I'm going to tell you"

Doubt is one of the safest ways to get to the truth. That is to say, the most reliable method to reach the truth is to think by yourself. All your subject will say first to be questioned by you. It is similar to the idea of ​​Descartes in some ways.

If you doubt constantly, you will be able to create your own knowledge. It is only then that you will be completely autonomous.

"Stay angry, it's like seizing a burning coal with the intention of throwing it on someone; it's you who burn you "

An angry weapon is a one-way street. And the only direction in which she points is yours, with potentially devastating results: destroying your mood, cause bodily injury and get away from others.

The most effective technique for being peaceful while ignoring this fury is to do it. In other words, when you are angry, you do only hurt yourself.

Buddha philosophy

The founder of Buddhism

Gautama Buddha, or "Awakened" in the Buddhist religion, founded Buddhism. He was born in the south of Nepal at the sixth century BC. The birthplace of Gautama Buddha, Lumbini, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the four sacred sites of Buddhism.

He was born from King Shuddhodana, the king of a powerful kingdom, in a sacred forest and his mother died seven days later. He married Princess Yasodhara at the age of sixteen. The fact that he was raised and educated in the Hindu manner, that is to say without the anxieties and the sufferings of the palace, helped him.

Statue Boudda Crown of Flowers

It is 29 years old when he meets poverty for the first time and discovers how different is different from others in contact with people in the street. He chooses to give up his royal status and turns to asceticism. After practicing austerities, then focused on meditation to understand the world, he studied with renowned teachers.

He spends the next 35 years sitting under a fig tree (pipal) and makes the wish not to get up before having discovered reality. Despite the attempts of Mara, the demon of death, to stop him, he persists in his contemplation and is illuminated.

Buddha Statue Decoration

The Buddha affirms that it understands the nature and origin of human suffering, while affirming that it is neither a god nor a prophet. The four noble truths are stated in his first sermon, "put the wheel of the law in motion", which tells us how to reach the ultimate reality thanks to them.

Meditation, according to the Buddha, can help us overcome our difficulties and concerns by allowing us to live the present moment without thinking or feeling. He spent the second half of his life on the road, teaching his approach to others.

The Buddha tattoo

If you are Buddhist or if you believe in Buddha's teachings, these tattoos may have an important meaning. Although they are generally associated with global significance, this is not the case.

Buddha colorful arm tattoo

These tattoos are not only intended to be superficial. In reality, they can have a variety of meanings. Therefore, check all relevant details before you draw your conclusion. Each Buddhist tattoo At its own meaning, like lotus flowers that symbolize power, rebirth and illumination. Buddhism promotes these ideas in general, but the lotusBuddha Tattoo Buddha Head Shoulder

Buddhist tattoos, like the golden Buddha, can be used to represent the belief in the teachings of Buddha or devotion to her. Because it is related to the religion, the Golden Buddha is the most popular Buddhist tattoo. It is not necessary to be a Buddhist to wear this tattoo; anyone who has read and understood his teachings can show his devotion.

Buddha tattoos Nazi sign

As these patterns are very popular, many people get tattoos for the appearance rather than for a particular significance. The Buddha can be an interesting alternative in this regard, especially because most people are looking for unique images to make a statement.

Giant Shoulder Buddha Tattoo

The meanings of these types of tattoos are endless, ranging from luck to purity, honesty, wealth and blessings. These patterns can also be used to protect yourself from all kinds of misfortunes.

Buddhist tattoos

Buddhist principles are well known. And there are a number of reasons why so many people attach to the life and teachings of the Buddha. Buddhism may have been divided into many factions during history, but its foundations remain the same: the four noble truths. These four truths recognize the undeniable fact of suffering, but they also offer a way to get out ...

Buddha tattoo before arms.   Black and white Buddha tattoo.  Tattoo Buddha Main


The Noble OctUple Path is a practice that includes compassion, meditation, mindfulness, donation and other common qualities with a significant impact on the world.


The Buddha also taught us that every living creature has the potential to become awake, which is known as "tathāgagarbha" (the nature of Buddha in itself). This implies that everyone already has enlightenment in him ... It's enough for him to find it.

Tattoo Buddha Head Front Arms.  Buddha hand tattoo and orange flower.  Lotus Buddha Flower Tattoo


Buddhism, at the bottom, is wonderfully inclusive ... and it's all these things, and many others, who have pushed so many people to follow his way or to portray their skin with Buddhist symbols. Hindu tattoos are definitely worth seeking if you like tattoos and the Buddhist world.

Tattoo Buddha Head.  Colorful Buddha Tattoo   Tattoo Buddha Manga

Japanese Buddha

The Japanese Buddha is a religion that has been introduced in Japan, at the beginning of the 6th century. the Founder of Buddhism was Gautama Buddha. The literal sense of the word Buddha means "awake". The practice of this religion has spread in China, Korea and Vietnam.

The rieur Buddha

The rihood Buddha is an icon used as a religious symbol. The rihood Buddha has been introduced for the first time in 1956. The Buddha is found in Japan and Thailand. He is also sometimes called Budai, or Hotei.

What does the Eye of Buddha mean?

The Buddha's eye is a symbol that has been used to represent Buddhism since the 5th century of our era. The right eye represents wisdom and the left eye symbolizes the compassion ("a lemon cut in two").

Yoga Buddha

In Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, the Buddha Yoga is a mixture of the meditation practices of these religions. In this type of yoga, sitting meditation is used as well as self-discipline. The end result is a form of free thinking that makes it possible to realize the truth about life.

The Gold Buddha

There are several gold Buddhas in the world, the most famous in Thailand (Wat Traimit) and Sri Lanka.

The story of Buddha in video

Discover "The true story of Buddha", a documentary about the life of Gautama presented by the Nat Geo chain in 2016.

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