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quel est le livre sacré du boudhhisme

What is the sacred book of Buddhism

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the vinaya pitaka, in five volumes, which includes rules of discipline for the Buddhist Sangha; And the Abhidhamma Pitaka, in seven volumes, which is a philosophical systematization of the teachings of the Buddha.

Vinaya Piṭaka is a collection of rules and restrictions for monks in all aspects of their lives. These regulations are said to be established by the Buddha itself. An old comment provides details on the moment and the reason the different laws have been written. This book has five volumes.

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Buddhism book


The first volume, which focuses on the most serious crimes, pārājika and Saṅghādisesa, deals with the rules of discipline for these offenses. It also deals with Aniyata and Nissaggiya offenses, which are minor offenses.

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the Pācitya Concerns the additional moral standards of the Bhikkhu, such as Pācittiya, Pāṭidesanīya, Sekhiya and Adhikaraṇasamatha.


the Mahāvagga is divided into ten parts, called Khandhakas, covering a wide range of topics: the first steps of the Sangha, the rules for pensions Ouposatha, invitations, shoes, medicines, Kaṭhina ceremony, dresses, community transactions and the agreement.

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the Cūḷavagga Also contains additional regulations relating to the formal actions of the monasteries, or the special activities of individual bhikkhus. It also covers a series of various laws.


the Parivāra is a kind of manual that serves as an introduction to the entire Vinaya Piṭaka.

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