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Que Retenir des Règles du Bouddhisme ?

What will retain rules from Buddhism?

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One of the religion the most sacred for Indians, Buddhism presents rules very special. It would really be useful to actfully invoke all these beliefs of Indian civilization if you do not know and especially if you do not respect these rules.

Humility, the regularity, the belief and The love of the next Are very sacred precepts of Hindu religious culture.

For adepts of Buddhism, respect for these rules is quite natural even if it may seem abstract for others.

Lotus flower

Patience in all divine requests

Indian religious culture is particular. One of the first aspects to remember this practice is the patience in prayer. In India, the design of things is such that nothing can be obtained in a snap of fingers.

As long as there is a supernatural aspect, the need materializes when it is really useful for life.

This is what Indian culture demands. Thus, the patience must take into account waiting and the occupation by the things of life present. As it is often said, everything is coming to the one who knows how to wait.

Buddhist monk

The removal of thorough reflection

Buddhism does not really glue with more or less compulsive thoughts. The latter indeed absorb a very large amount of human energy.

As a result, he urges to get rid of it. When reflection is measured and controlledShe brings to be a peace and inland peace and tranquility. In doing so, the Buddhist prayer is more intense and the divine intersection becomes faster.

So you have to let yourself be controlled by your mind. Acting action is more efficient and better accepted by Buddhism.

Deco Buddha

Recognize your impact on humanity

One of the attitudes when you practice the Buddhist prayer is recognize your impact on the world.

All human beings are connected to each other. This connection is then a stepping stone for everyone to have the power to act on the other, either by:

  • Prayer
  • Behaviors
  • The actions
  • Words

All behaviors have an impact on humanity. Buddhism then asks to be aware of this aspect of things in order to be sure of you when you pronounce prayers.

Buddhist prayer

Body maintenance

the human body, for Buddhism as with any other religion, represents the divinity temple. This divinity can not be properly manifested in a place where nothing is organized.

This is why it is necessary to purify oneself, to adequately feed one's body. It is important to ensure a irreproachable hygiene.

This attitude during the Buddhist prayer promotes spontaneity in the responses to the concerns of humans. Similarly, it should be kept in mind that the better healthy and better, the more your prayer intentions will be favorably received.

Buddhist child

Good treatment vis-à-vis your neighbor

The compassion vis-à-vis his entourage must be a major issue of society. This is of paramount importance in Buddhist culture in order to benefit from the good graces of Buddha. Nobody really knows what life is made.

In Indian culture, it is said that having an attentive eye on his neighbor is a gift. It is then a behavior that must be integrated into its way of life if you really want to anchor you in the Buddhist faith.

Buddhist monk with elephant 

Erasing regrets in your current life

In Buddhism, it is said that regret is not synonymous with the definition of personality. On the contrary, it is better to think of Lessons from the past.

This must constitute a force for the person. It is these lessons that the practice of Buddhism recommends. From this lesson emerges forgiveness.
Forgiveness, when it is not effective, will not put in front of you only obstacles.

So that's what you need to put into practice when you are convinced yourself that you really want to follow the practice of Indian Buddha.

Buddha statue row

Belief in the future

Another very important rule in the practice of Buddhism is belief in the future. The Buddha simply recommends putting into practice the Law of Attraction.

It simply means that you have to think positive. What we sow, it is always harvested that it is a positive or negative action.

To pray Buddha, it is imperative to think positively, but especially to surround himself with positive and inspiring people.

Buddhist monk dressed in red

The culture of humility

One of the capital aspects of Buddha culture is the Humility practice. This exercise seems difficult for many human beings. Yet that's what you absolutely need to do so that your body can be in harmony with your mind.

In doing so, the ability to do good for humanity becomes a set of graces. The acknowledgement For earthly life offer is an attitude that must be cultivated. Constantly complain about the current state of our person certainly delays divine actions.

Besides, positivism is the key to the Buddha. It is therefore only the humility that will send you to the state desired by Buddhism. The ego must not have control over your life even less on spiritual life.

 Buddhist Meditation

Daily recollection and present life

Every day must be one day of thanks and of recollection in Buddhist culture. Collecting in front of a Buddha is actually a powerful weapon that opens up a multitude of opportunities.

It also allows you to tranquilize your mind. It will be enough to take a few minutes of your time to dialogue spiritually with Buddha.

Another very important point in Buddhist culture is the present time. It is imperative to live the moment that the mind offers you. Do you know if it was the last one? Enjoy the fullest and always take advantage of what life offers you.

 Buddhist child

To enjoy the present moment, three keys are recommended. It is first of all to make analytical writing.

This method may seem contradictory, but by writing and meditate on the pains of the past, you will be able to link with the present. This link will actually be the gateway that will make you take a new flight.

Then, like second key, there is The anchor exercise in visualization. This is to weigh the pros and cons between the present and the future. You will see that the future depends only on your present if you meditate. This will push you to fully live the present.

Buddhist temple

Finally, it is recommended to exercise the corporal scan. The latter will allow you to find your mindfulness. It will be a question of putting you in the Buddha position and empty your mind.

Now have an idea focused on part of your body and try to only feel this body. It is about facilitating in you a benchmark for anchoring. You will learn how to defeat the past and the future by becoming an observer of your own thoughts.

The rules of Buddhism are very simple and fit well with the attitudes that should in principle have in principle. Although not being adepts from the Buddha, many are the lessons that you can draw from this religion for which no deity is recognized.

It will only grow in spirit by practicing the minimum for your well-being. If you share these ideas, why not read our new article and learn how convert to Buddhism ?

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