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Les Tatouages Hindous Signification

Hindu tattoos: symbol and meaning

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Being Hindu is the way a person affiliated with Hinduism is designating itself. These people, among others, can have a Hindu tattoo Somewhere on their bodies to represent their strong faith.

There are many symbols that can be tattooed and can be considered a Hindu tattoo. We will review some of these tattoos and discuss their meaning.

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Hindu tattoo

The meaning of Hindu divinity tattoos

Ganesh tattoos

A Hindu tattoo that you might see is that of God Ganesh.

Ganesh is the Lord of the beginnings in the Hindu religion. It is generally invoked at the beginning of any ceremony.

When we talk about new starts, we generally see birds or flowers as a symbol of new departures associated with it. They represent the arrival of spring and fresh growth.

Therefore, you will often see Ganesh's tattoo surrounded by flowers, and more particularly the lotus flower.

Hindu Ganesh tattoo

Vishnu tattoos

The tattoo of the Vishnu God is very important for Hindus. Carry Vishnu tattoo is a symbol of kindness and mercy.

Vishnu is the protector of the universe. It is one of the three projections of the absolute that symbolize the stages of human existence: birth, life and death.

He finds his place as a representative of life. People with a Vishnu tattoo consider themselves compassionate beings who value life. Vishnu is the Saviour, the rescuer and the conservative.

Vishnu is usually represented in the form of a four-armed man and dark complexion. In his four hands, he holds the disc, the club, the conch and the lotus. This tattoo is one of the most recognizable in Hindu tattoo.

Vishnu tattoo

Rama's tattoo

You can also see the Rama tattoo To express devotion to Hinduism.

Rama is usually blue with a cap and arc and arrows. Rama represents both the gods and humans. In the West, a clear line is traced between the force of the gods and the weakness of humans.

According to Indian traditions, Rama is rather a mortal god or a divine human. Therefore, he had characteristics on both sides.

Rama's tattoo is said to be the pursuit of a busy life.
There are three goals to reach according to Rama's life, namely the legitimate obtaining of wealth, love and virtue.

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Buddha decoration

Kali tattoo

the Kali tattoo is a tattoo that can be seen on someone who tries to invoke the power not to be afraid.

Kali symbolizes death and destruction. It is also known as "terrible mother". It's a blue being with four arms and a demon head that you will generally hold a blade.

It can also hold a fork in another hand. In addition to its armament, Kali will have heads of babies suspended from his neck or other deapite heads hanging on his belt.

The name of Kali stands for time. It is a reminder that regardless of the efforts we do, we can not escape death. Time is catching up everyone and our lives are limited.

In the Western world, it is said that Kali represents the destruction of the ego. Living without ego means that you can really enjoy life without any limit to stop you.

Time is counted, and Kali's tattoo reminds us that we will meet all our creator.

Hindu tattoo Kali

Shiva tattoo

Another popular Hindu tattoo is the tattoo from Shiva. Shiva is one of three other projections of the absolute.

Shiva is considered the good of the three. However, Shiva is also known as the destroyer. The reason it is seen in both forms is that Shiva will destroy the universe to protect the billions of souls from pain of evil.

After that, there is a regrowth and the cycle starts again. As Shiva is known to destroy everything, it is also the nicest because it does not want us to suffer.

Shiva is usually portrayed as a being smiling and relaxed. Among the features you can see on the Shiva, there is a third eye and a blue throat.

You will notice that Shiva has tangled hair and is usually sitting in a kind of yoga position. He usually has two or four arms and a trident in one hand.

That being said, if anyone has an affinity with the features of the god Shiva, you can see it with this tattoo.

Hindu Tattoo Shiva

Nandi tattoo

Nandi is another symbol of Hindu religion. Nandi was the bull and the Shiva's mount. In most descriptions of the bull, he will represent force, power and manhood.

However, Nandi is all the opposite. Nandi represents the Divine abandonment and one of the main symbols of Shiva. Someone could be done nandi tattoo to remember to stay humble.

The reason why Nandi is associated with humility is that he became arrogant because of his role of Shiva's mount.

To give a lesson in Nandi, the Lord Shiva placed a wick with his hair on the back of the bull, which made Nandi weigh on the ground.

It was at that moment that Nandi implored SHIVA's forgiveness and ended up becoming one of his most fervent disciples.

Saraswati tattoo

the Saraswati tattoo is a symbol of the arts. Saraswati is represented as a four-armed woman playing Veena.

VWe will most likely see it on a lotus or swan. In addition to representing the arts, Saraswati is also a symbol of music and learning.

That's why you can see artists getting Saraswati tattoo nowadays.

Hindu tattoo Sarswati

The meaning of Hindu tattoos in sentence (Sanskrit)

Indian corporal art is very popular and this for a very long time. Indeed, nowadays we adapt our canvas body, painting it with ink to be part of what is fashionable.

The Tattoos in Sanskrit Are magnificent and enlambed patterns, which bring together concepts and fonts of old characters that must be understood to be applied correctly.

Whether you are a novice in tattooing and you want to wear something small and simple, or you are looking for spectacular tattoos to integrate your state of mind with Sanskrit tattoos can be what it You need.

Sanskrit tattoos are so attractive today that even those who are not native of the regions of their origin want to be tattooed.

Below we present some fabulous and famous Sanskrit tattoos as well as their meanings.

Buddha decoration online

The Sanskrit tattoo "OM"

the Tattoo "OM" In Sanskrit is one of the best examples of basic tattoos in first class Sanskrit.

OM is a spiritual and a sanctified icon in the Hindu religion. It is also a mantra in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.

We can dive into the ideology of bhakticism by meditating or enchanting this sound several times.

This is a binding term that channels the positive energy of an individual. So, if you are a holy person, it can be a good ink option to choose.

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Tattoo om

Sanskrit tattoo "Om Shanti"

People around the world have used peace tattoos like tattoo.

Shanti, which means peace, to be specific, inner peace is a frequently seen tattoo among the Sanskrit tattoo designs. Shanti or peace is something we can not do without!

Another variant could be a combination of two tattoos that is also very well known, "OM Shanti". 


Sanskrit tattoo "Gayatri Mantra"

Gayatri Mantra is one of the most devoted and pious tattoos throughout the universe.

It finds its reference in various Vedas, Puranas and Bhaghwatas. It is also repeated as a hymn in various prayer houses.

It has a very divine meaning. People are generally singing at night before sleeping, in order to make a peaceful and useful nap.

Gayatri Tattoo Mantra

Sanskrit tattoo "Padma"

"PADMA"As an ink inscribed in Hindi / Sanskrit gives a very soothing look.

Its literal meaning is the lotus that symbolizes the beauty of the one who has risen above the difficult moments of his life.

To be clear, it's as if the lotus floated over the slurry of the lake below and always remained a beauty thing. In fact, the lotus flourishes in the swamp of the dead mud.

Padma tattoo

Sanskrit tattoo "verse"

We can do tattoo or a sentence in Hindi. The above above means: "That all beings, wherever they are, are happy and free and that the thoughts, the words and actions of my own life contribute in a certain way to this happiness and to this freedom for everyone."

Such verses are derived from epices with relevant and significant meanings.

Hindu tattoo verses

Sanskrit tattoo "Anuugachatu Pravaha "

Anuugacchatu Pravaha means going with the flow. It can be used in both contexts, namely a painful thought or warm memories.

It is perfect for people whose philosophy is to accept the events that reaches them and who leaves the flow of life flow without wanting to control it.

Hindu tattoo Sanskrit Anuugacchatu Pravaha

The Sanskrit tattoo "self change"

"Tat Parivartan Bhav" which means Be the change Whether you want to see is very popular among the Sanskrit tattoos.

Being one of the most popular sentences of Buddhist philosophy, phrase that Buddha Would itself have pronounced, it is very present on the bodies of Westerners who share the same philosophy of life.

it's change

Tattoo "Positive Phrase"

Tattoo a sentence at the positive meaning is very fashionable today. It is obviously recommended to choose a sentence that really looks like us, in order to appreciate your tattoo throughout his life!

For example, the tattoo above means: "My strength is inside, I am my own light."

Hindu tattoo Sanskrit Positive phrase

The Sanskrit tattoo of music

The tattoo below represents the love of music. Anyone who likes music or preaching music as an art can do.

It's also a great way to wear an original tattoo and almost unique on the planet!

Hindu tattoo Sanskrit music

Sanskrit tattoo "Do not worry"

The symbol below in the image represents "Do not Worry" inked in Sanskrit. It is ideal for people who cultivates the ability to live the present time and not worrying about the future.

Hindu Tattoo Sanskrit Do not Worry

Sanskrit Tattoo "Paper or Knowledge"

This is a book that has a very significant meaning. a delivered inked on your body looks great if your personality is very demanding in terms of awareness.

A person who is very bookish in nature and has a hunting knowledge or thirst to learn more can have that tattoo.

Hindu tattoo Sanskrit book

Sanskrit tattoo "Fearless"

"Abhay" in Sanskrit means without fear or the person in fear. This tattoo is perfect for courageous people, who faces the trials of life with vigor and bravery!

Hindu tattoo Sanskrit without fear

Sanskrit Tattoo "Hope, Faith and Courage"

Here we can see a circular tattoo in Sanskrit calligraphy in a creative way. It read hope, courage and faith. Such tattoos show vividly to lead his life.

tattoo Hindu Sanskrit hope faith courage

Sanskrit Tattoo "Present Moment"

"Av Min sab kar" is a Sanskrit term for "Everything is set for now." We can assume that this is a tattoo inflicted by a situation. As at the end of the day after much turmoil, everything is settled once and for all.

Hindu tattoo Sanskrit present moment

Sanskrit Tattoo "scriptures"

We can see here the laws and ancient writingstattooed next to each other to create a beautiful set. These are mainly related to the values ​​and dictums of old.

Hindu tattoo Sanskrit Scriptures

Sanskrit Tattoo "Breathe"

"Breathe" in the picture above is written in Sanskrit as "Dhasihi". This Hindu tattoo is perfect for people who like to take time to have the same, and take a break from their daily agitate to take timeto breathe.

Hindu Sanskrit tattoo breathe

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