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Tout ce qu’il Faut Savoir sur le Dieu Rama

All you need to know about the Rama God

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Several gods and goddesses exist in India. But, three main gods are more revered in Indian culture. This is the Brahma God, the God Vishnou and the Lord Shiva.

These gods reincarnate into humans to intercede on the earth. Row is one of these deities from the Reincarnation of the Vishnou God. The history and spiritual role of this deity are worth a lot of its followers.

God Rama

Origin of the god Rama

Rama or Ram is a King of ancient India. He reigned in the twentieth century BC. For the Hindu tradition, he brought happiness and peace during the Treta-Yuga. In Hinduism, Rama is considered the seventh avatar of the god Vishnou.

The latter represents the image of the perfect man and is loved in the same way as his faithful companion Hanuman Who is found to be the incarnation of fidelity, the god-monkey who helps him in his adventures.

Rama and Hanuman

The god Rama: his spiritual essence

In the tradition of Hindus, the god Rama is the one who brought the peace and the happiness. Although the Lord Rama appeared before Krishna, his gesture seems to be a reflection of that of the latter. His divination took place only after the work of the Valmiki in the books of the Ramaya.

This occurred step by step. From that of simple hero, Rama accesses the rank of half God, then half of Vishnou's essence becomes fucked in him. Later, he is ranked at the Supreme rank.

The latter is accompanied by SITA divination. The latter, wife of King Rama, is represented as an avatar of Sri Lakshmi, wife Vishnou.

However, Rama's brother, Lakshmana, will be entirely dedicated to Rama. He shares his divinity as a second Avatar of Vishnou.

Statue God Rama

The facts of the god Rama

Rama is known for his heroism. Its fundamental mission is to Identify the world of the oppression of the warriors KShatriyas. The latter is often described as a very sweet and patient person, but on the battlefield his Shourya-Parakrama is unbeatable.

Indeed, he could fight 14,000 men alone. This is where his nickname comes from him. In addition, he was the incarnation of the Dharma the Father of the God Vishnou. Rama embodies a lot:

  • Uprightness
  • Universal Order
  • Courage
  • The peace
  • Happiness

It is a compassionate God to the pain of his people. He loved his wife deeply SITA. Being a king then a powerful God, he had the opportunity to remarry, but he did not do it.

Statue of the god Rama and his wife

He remained faithful and dedicated to SITA. He did not support that any harm comes to his wife. It is also said that when we sing the name of Rama, it burns sins and brings peace.

Behind this name Rama hides another meaning. The ra that is an Agni Beeja which integrates into him the principle. Indeed, when the RA is pronounced this allows you to evacuate your sins.

The MA for it corresponds to the principle Soma which when it is pronounced means means the peace.

God Rama and his family

The attributes of the god Rama

Rama is considered by the Indians like the Seventh Avatar of the God Vishnou. It is also considered the perfect man, who manages conflicts. Its most common representation is the one in which it is standing by holding its arc, symbol of its attribution.

The latter presents with a dark color and is wearing a yellow veil. His hair is bunned. He has two arms, one gates his bow, symbol of justice.

It carries two big rings and a precious necklace. On his left knee he wears the cause of the universe, the primordial energy called the cold (sâti). She has the brightness of pale gold.

Rama gold armor

His two arms are covered with celestial jewelry. The latter holds in his hand a Lotus flower Who represents the universe. Another representation of the god Rama is the one on which he seems strong and handsome.

This representation emphasizes Rama's war. Behind him, we see his brother Lakshmana, son of his father's third wife who is in pale gold. He holds an arc and a few arrows. The three form a triangle. The Ramayana triangle.


The meaning of Rama's blue

The colour blue Rama God is the symbol of courage, the ability to fight against evil. Rama being nicknamed Lion because of his courage in combat.

The latter also managed to fight against the demon who wanted to snatch his wife Sita. The Rama God is the symbol of courage and is the one that brings happiness and peace.


The exile of the god Rama

The god rowed after married his wife Sita was exiled by his father King Dasharatha who reigned from Ayodhya in the Koshala Kingdom. Exile should last 14 years. After exile Rama, his wife Sita, and his young brother Lakshmana find refuge in the Dandaka.

The latter stopped in a place that was named Ram-Tehran, which means the RAM stop. This place becomes over time Ramathra. During this exile the wife of Rama, Sita was removed by the demon Ravana, the King of Lanka.

Thanks to the construction of a bridge by King Rama helped by his friend the Monkey Hanuman, Sita was saved. the Demon Ravana is killed and Rama becomes king of Ayodhya after the death of his father.

After 10,000 years of reign on Earth, Rama enters the Sarayu River to return to its original, real and eternal form of Mahavishnu.

Demon Ravana

Rama: Importance in Hinduism

Rama is one of Major Divinities Hinduism. He is the seventh avatar or incarnation of the Vishnu God who protects the universe. The latter was born the ninth day of the lunar month called Chaitra between the month of March and April.

This one is celebrated throughout India as Rama Navami. This coincides with one of the four navratri on the Hindu calendar.

rama marriage

The devotions of the god Rama

A special devotion Is made to the god Rama, the hero of the old legend already considered an avatar of the Vishnu God.

At the worship of Rama is associated with that of his faithful wife sita sometimes represent as the manifestation of Sakti. Shakti means Brahman's energy, supreme manifestation of Rama.

The followers of the god Rama believe that his adoration or Rama-Bhakti is the most effective form of devotion and ensures the salvation of the individual. Rama had a parallel mission to Krishna who will evolve towards divination for the training of sect.

Rama arc statue and arrows

The worship of Rama has become very linked to Hindu nationalism. Rama is considered a model of devotion to the caste systems and the rules of the dharma. The Rama hero was one of the two main divinities of puranic Hinduism.

Ramayana becomes a text for the spread of Vishnou's worship. The latter suggests that reading the story can free sin.


The family of God Rama and all his deities

The Rama God is the incarnation of Vishnu and the symbol of the person who manages conflict and brings peace and happiness. He is accompanied by SITA his wife symbol of beauty and absolute loyalty to her husband.

She is the incarnation of Sri LAKSMI, the wife of the god Vishnou. These had two sons Kusha and Lava. Lava and Kusha became leaders after their father Rama and founded the town of Lavapuri who is known today as Lahore and Kasur. There is a temple associated with Lava within Qila in Lahore.

Rama and Sita

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