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What is a life path bracelet?

A life path bracelet is a jewel made of semi-precious stones. The latter are chosen by a qualified lithotherapist, which determines them according to a specific numerological calculation.

Several personal information about you will be essential to the lithotherapist:

  • Name of the Father
  • Your mother's maiden name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your first names and your last name
  • Your wrist tower

Of course if you are not ready to share all this information with him / her, it's not worth moving!

Fine stones Bracelet Path of life

Why wearing a life path bracelet

Why wearing a life path bracelet and what can bring you, we see that right away.

First it is important to understand that a bracelet of this type is a ultra-personal jewel, which corresponds to you quite and that only concerns you. The questions posed by lithotherapist are essential for the accuracy of the product making.

Make the decision to wear such a jewel is often linked to a hard time. Whether it's an event or a specific situation that leads you to a negative spiral, a path of life bracelet will help you out!


Bracelet Path of life: the testimonials

All testimonials converge towards the same reality: the life of the bearer has changed since it carries its bracelet of life. Difficult period, tragic event, search for meaning in his life .. The reasons for the beginning are diverse, but they lead to all to the issuance and happiness ! For more concrete, here is a video of Aurélie who tells us about it:

To see many written testimonials you can go on this page.

Bracelet Path of life: our opinions

We have seen over time many very satisfied customers of their purchases of a Bracelet Path of life. It often acts very well and very quickly. Generally after a few months, the carriers of these bracelets come back very satisfied towards their lithotherapist to contain the superb changes in their lives!


Where to buy a life path bracelet?

To obtain such a jewel and be on the quality of the latter, we recommend two solutions:

  • Go to a lith therapist in your area
  • make a quick calculation online

In any case, the results given by one or the other will be accurate and specific to your situation, essential thing for the proper functioning of the therapy.

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