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Purification des Pierres par l'Eau

Purification of stones by water

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Purification of stones by water

The thin stones, Where natural stones, are objects with amazing properties. They will bring you many benefits, but they ask for an exchange and special attention.

And we will see here why and how to deal with it properly.

Why purify his stones through the water?

Throughout their existences, the stones absorb and react to the energies that surround them. If you wear a jewel, or under your pillow, it is likely that it will help you solve your daily disorders.

It is therefore inevitable that during the energy work they perform on you, it gets tired and takes care of negative waves, it is, for example, the case of Bracelets 7 Chakras.

The water purification thus comes to evacuate all this energy.


How to purify his stones?

In large lines, a large part of the crystals can be purified by a simple solution of salt water or distilled, see with a simple dose of salt. However, attention to exceptions!

Indeed, part of the semi-precious stones used in lith therapy are extremely sensitive to specific elements. Thus, the pyrite will for example be strongly damaged by salt, and selenite will be dissolved by water.

Then comes fumigation practiced with incense containing sage, cinnamon or thyme. Finally, the ground is sometimes used, the idea being to bury a few hours your natural stone bracelet and recover later purified.

To sum up the different ideas to put into practice for the purification of your stones are:

  • The use of salt water
  • The use of demineralized water
  • The use of incense
  • Farming

However, the maintenance of your magic jewelry does not stop there. Once purified and cleared of all their negative waves, they must be recharged.


Purification of stones with tap water

Yes, you can quite use tap water to purify your natural stones. Indeed, our customers often ask us if this practice is correct and if that can not affect the latter.

Unless specific contraindication of a natural stone that would not be able to have passed under water, you can purify all your lithotherapy jewelry with tap water.

tap water


Here are some more precise examples of stones that need to be purified, neat and maintained as real precious stone.

Purification and optical calcite reload

Stone CalciteIt is possible to use two different methods. First, you can deposit your jewel on a bunch of big salt for a few hours, this is the method we use personally.

If you do not have a large salt nearby, you can always spend the latter under demineralized water or limestone during the same period of time.

Chrysocolle purification and reloading

Stone Chrysocolle, we advocate three methods. As for many stones, prolonged passage under demineralized water remains a viable option. For more efficiency, however, we opt for the second option, to expose the stone for a few hours in the sun.

In accordance with lithotherapist, prolonged pose on a rock crystal cluster is also a possible way to purify your chrysocolle.

Black obsidian purification and reloading

Stone black obsidianHere is a simple method to follow: first spend there under the tap water for a short moment, then dive all a night in a container filled with clear water. Place obsidian in a river type watercourse will be all the more effective!

Red jasper purification and reloading

The purification system of the JAPSE REDis very close to that of the Chrysocolle stone. Passing under demineralized water, sun exposure and crystal salt will make the affair perfectly.

Amber purification and reloading

Bury one night complete your stones amber, whether alone or a jewel, will be a great way to purify them and unload them from all the negative waves they contain.

A quick passage under clear water can also come closing purification and clean the stone at the end of the process.

Zen stones

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