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Reconnaître sa Flamme Jumelle d'un Regard

Recognize his twin flame with a look

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What is a twin flame?

A twin flame is an inexplicable and indestructible connection that falls within the area of ​​destiny. It is said that the birth of a twin flame is the separation of a single original flame into two parts, sometimes compared to yin and yang, which differentiates it from the soulmate that it is born in its corner.

The twin flame is the strongest emotional bond that exists and links two people to the perfect complementarity, whether energetically or characterized.

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The look of the twin flame

The eyes of the twin flame is now told by many people on earth. They all describe a unique sensation during the first glance traded with their destinies.

A feeling of familiarity, appeasement and instant serenity.

Many testimonials differentiate this connection with a love at first sight, it would be a unique connection to the world that has its own features ..

This first look leads you to an unknown person and makes you feel as if you have always known, as if you were connected.

Beyond this visual contact, there are many physical phenomena which can be felt. This article Speaks very well and we advise you to consult it to learn more about the issue!

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Karmic Link & Twin Flame

A twin flame relationship has nothing to do with a karmic link. Indeed, it is important to differentiate the two!

In addition, the karmic links, often intense and made of impulses, are often harmful and toxic. A twin flame relationship will always be beneficial, simple and deep tenderness.

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  • Chou

    J’ai rencontré la mienne et c’est très bouleversant

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