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Our incense doors

Give a new breath to your decoration indoor through our incenseTraditional and oriental designs.

If you like good smells, rituals and spiritual as a whole, an incense door with oriental design, or in figurine of Buddha will be absolutely perfect for you and your home.

Perfect for your meditations and preferred sessions of prayers, incense is an accessory that no longer has to prove itself in the world of calm and self-esteem. We also offer Indian incense, perfectly compatible with all incense burners offered in this collection.

Which incense carrier to choose?

There are several types of incense door, incense doors for sticks and incense cone for example. We made the choice to offer you these two types of systems to make your life easier and allow you to find the ideal incense burner for you.

Often made of a small hole or just place the stick, the Incense holder for stick is very convenient. It optimizes the combustion thanks to the verticality of the latter and the ashes do not black everywhere while it consumes!

Different functioning, the incense burner for cone is made of a metal cup in which one comes directly to our cone of the day. To get rid of the ashes, this system is also very convenient!

After the practical aspect comes the appearance decorative From the incense carrier, indeed, it is a very important function of this iconic object of the eastern world. It is also very often associated with a golden table road create a real Zen space! So what style will you choose? It's your turn !

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