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Indian accessories

Indian kingdom® proudly offers the widest range Indian accessory available online.

Our Indian accessories

The most classic accessories, like the traditional hennaand stencils to apply it with precision or Indian incense and their associated incense doors up to the Indian dance belt We hope on a daily basis help you promote around the world the beautiful oriental culture that the inhabitants of India.

We have also put a point of honor to offer you a wide range of accessories and that's why you will find here too stickers, from Indian oils but also Temporary tattoos, from notebooks and Indian Portfoliosas well as bags and WATCHES, not to mention the traditional Feathers for hair All that in a Hindu and Oriental style that we love!

Indian fabric

You want to create, sew and dress your magnificent house Indian fabrics ? ? We have exactly what you need to flourish your creativity to infinity! Make your own clothes and curtains and make your life a real recreation course. Perfect for having fun with children and develop their imagination!

Henna stencil

A desire to do henna on your body? We propose you the Henna stencil With various patterns to create your own temporary tattoo according to your imagination and sublimate your body!


the Henna An integral part of the Indian culture, traditionally used during ceremonies such as birth, baptism and birthdays! It is also used daily as protection against the evil eye to repel negative energies! It can be used also to color your hair or beard according to traditions!

Indian incense

Indian incense It has been adopted for centuries in Hindi homes, it brings calm and appeasement and fragray your home with a pleasant and sweet olfactory smell, the incense will be and will remain affiliated to the Indian world by its history!

Dance belt

The dance belt is a symbol of the eastern world, the dance is practiced for centuries and done is practiced on all occasions, it sublimates the woman in her movements. We offer typical models that respect the traditions for the purpose of perpetuated.

Indian bag

the Indian bag An essential part of the daily woman's outfit, we offer a unique and original range of hands, to perfect your day outfit! They are inspired by Indian fashion to bring you a new touch to your handbag collection!

Indian notebook

Take notes at any time with the Indian notebook, small size it will find its place in your pocket or bag, always have a pencil or pen on you and you will have the ideal note block. Our unique note blocks are original and offer diverse styles inspired by the Indian world.