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Indian incense

Our Indian incense

Our Indian incense are perfect for relaxing and soothing the atmosphere around you. Give a new dimension to your interior and open your chakras thanks to the pleasant calm and odor that these incense delivers, Indian accessory essential.

The different types of Indian incense

We offer two different types of incense. Everyone has its advantages and disadvantages, and everyone is burning on a incense of a different nature adapted to these!

Incense sticks

the sticker is the most classic form, the best known and the most used to burn incense at home. It is a long stem that often plants in a hole provided for this purpose, and which burns from top to bottom. It ensures a long time of use, with a moderate power!

The incense cones

The incense cones, less used than the sticks are still very appreciated by the fans of practice. They arise directly into incense doors for this purpose, often cups or fountains, and they have the advantage of generating large amounts of smoke quite quickly. Warranty effect! However, they burns less long than the sticks.

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